Duffus 2000 Ceilidh - Saturday, July 1, 2000 at the Duffus Village Hall

David Duffus

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Must be someone's date! Should know, but I can't remember! Jim and Duffus Duffus
Frome, Engalnd
Can't remember! Lorna J. McEachern nee Duffus of White Rock, BC, Canada and her mother Grace Duffus left to right
Councillor Steve Duffus of Chester, England and his parents, Alan Duffus & Alice
Duffus from Edinburgh
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Gwen Duffus & her two daughters Jennifer and Janet Duffus from West Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia Jennifer Duffus Carr and Kevin Watt from Aldershot, Hants, Englnd Valerie Duffus-Davidson from Cheltenham, England ceilidh18.jpg I'm supposed to know, but I can't remember! Dr. John Henderson Duffus and wife, Dr. Carol nee Thompson Duffus from Edinburgh
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Howard Duffus-Davidson Roy Duffus and Edith Welch Harry Duffus (Newport-on-Tay), Daine Duffus and David Duffus (Greenville, NC) Motor Cycle Champion (aging)  - Alan Duffus - Glenrothes Mame nee Duffus Brown and Bernie Brown (Buckie)  Judy Duffus and Jim Duffus - Frome, England
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Jack Le Brecht, Diana nee Duffus Le Brecht, Ben Duffus, Henry Le Brecht (Cambridge, England) ? - let me know who it is! Keith and Ruth (Buckie - Ruth Is Mame nee Duffus' daughter) Lynn Duffus, Carol Duffus and dad Innes Duffus (Dundee) Megan and Diane Duffus (Greenville, NC) Lynn Duffus and Carol Duffus  (Innes ( and Muriel Duffus' (Dundee) daughters).
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Entertainer George Duffus, dad Harry Duffus, Khris Duffus, dad Alan Duffus and Isbel nee Duffus Nebel (sister of George and Alan, daughter of Harry). Same Band David Duffus (Greenville, NC and Councillor Steve Duffus (Chester, England). David Duffus (Greenville, NC) and Jim Duffes (Atlanta, GA dad of Melissa Duffes Wago and former Eastern Airline pilot). Melissa Duffes Wago (daughter of Jim Duffes and Anella Duffes).
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Back to camera - Lorna McEachern and mom (across table) Grace Duffus (White Rock, BC, Canada), Councillor Barry Duffus and wife, Margaret Duffus Councillor Barry Duffus (Nambucca Heads, Australia) Harold Duffus and wife, Gwenda Duffus from West Heidelburg, Victoria, Australia); sitting across table - Dr. Philip Duffus Stephanie Thain, Andrew Thain, Valerie nee Duffus Price and cousin David Duffus Part of Gordon Duffus, Sr. entourage from Aberdeen -let me know who it is!(I think Scot on left is Gordon Duffus' son). Ashley Thain
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Douglas James Duffus and Eileen Duffus from Woodford Green, Essex, England I think this is Raymond Duffus son of Gordon Duffus (Sr.) from Aberdeen and brother of Gordon Duffus ( Jr.) Laser Therapy, Aberdeen. Gordon Duffus (son of Gordon (senior) Aberdeen). Member of Gordon Duffus of Aberdeen party - probably Gary Gordon and catherine Wyles Gordon Duffus (the junior fro m Aberdeen) again. Angela Rail and Bill Rail of Alicante, Spain
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John Duffus (winner of Duffus Golf Tournament). The Accordian Player and the Ceilidh Dancer - Nicola Ross (from Grodon Duffus of Aberdeen party). Dr. David Wrede (descendant of Kenneth Sutherland) and Colin Duffus (cousin of Gordon Douglas Duffus from Canada) Former motorcycle champion Alan Duffus (son of Harry and brother of entertainer George Duffus) and daughter Khris Duffus Muriel Duffus and Organiser of Duffus 2000/ Archivist of Dundee Trades Innes Duffus Dr. Philip Duffus holding Alexander Duffus son of Helen Duffus (right) (wife of Solicitor Peter A. Duffus (the tallest Duffus).
Sir Archibald Dunbar - Laird of Duffus
Donna Dawson (back to camera - responsible for renting Duffus Village Hall) and William Alexander Duffus of Qswestry, England.(walking toward camera on left).