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Biblical Garden

Bus Tour


More Ceilidh - 90+ Photos (patience required on connecting)

Additional Photos of the Ceilidh


Duffus Village

Dunrobin Castle

Elgin Cathedral

Gathering at Castle

Golf tournament

Pluscarden Abbey

Speyside walk

Spynie Palace

St. Peter's Kirk

Harry Duffus pics

Gordon Duffus pics

Roy Duffus pics


If you are using the Duffus CD, go online using your browser and click on any of the following hyperlinked videos (assuming you have already downloaded VivoActive or Real Player):


Duffus Golf Tournament

Walk Down the Spey

Bus Tour - Gaelic Pronunciation

Parade to Duffus Castle

Visit to Pluscarden Abbey

Coincidences between David Duffus & 
cousin Dr. John Henderson Duffus

Dr. John Henderson address at Castle!!

Jet flyover of Duffus Castle!!

To watch these videos you'll need to download VivoActive from this web site.
 File size is 2.6 megabits. To download the file, if you haven't already done so, 
create a new folder entitled:"Downloads" under your main directory, 
and download the player file to this folder. Once the download is complete, 
go back into your directory by clicking on the "My Computer" icon on
 your desktop. Go into the "C" directory and locate your "Downloads" 
folder, click on it and then click on the player file to open it. 


Or if you have Real Player, click on the following videos using your Real Player:

Bus Tour

Duffus Golf Tournament

Pluscarden Abbey

Spey River Walk

Welcome to the Castle

Sunday Service at St. Peter's Kirk

Ceilidh at Duffus Village Hall


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