Year Month Date Details
1741 June 19 William Glasson, to Margaret Duffus
1761 June 5 John Differs, to Margaret Gray
1775 February 2 James Shaw to Margaret Differs
1778 February 4 David Differs, Weaver, to Elizabeth Crab
1796 October 29 George Differs, Wright, to Amelia Gib
1800 April 6 John Duffus, Soldier in the Aberdeen Shire Militia, to Ann Carmichael
1804 June 2 David Marshall, Sailor, to Helen Differs
1807 March 30 John Differs, Maltman, to Jean Black, daughter of John Black
1808 February 13 William Differs, Sailor, to Isabel Dick daughter of Ian Dick
1810 June 24 George Differs, to Mary Urquhart
1812 August 10 James Differs, Labourer, to Margaret Coupar, daughter of John Coupar, Labourer.
1814 March 17 James Differs, Sailor, to Helen Henderson, daughter of David Henderson, Weaver.
1822 March 21 John Duffers, Gardener, to Isabel, daughter of William Clark, Porter.
1822 January 11 William Differs, Weaver, to Isabel, daughter of David Duncan, Porter.
1828 August 25 James Duffus, Machine Maker, to Mary, daughter of Samuel Elder of Rescobie
1832 July 20 William Leckie, Brassfounder of Monifieth, to Amelia Difffers, daughter of George Differs, Wright.
1834 March 8 William Differs, Shoemaker, to Jean Smith, daughter of James Smith, Weaver.
1835 James Peckard, Blacksmith, to Jean Duffus, daughter of George Duffus, Wright.
1835 October James Differs, Weaver, to Janet Moncur
1837 April 14 Peter Duffus, Labourer, to Elizabeth Davidson, daughter of Andrew Davidson.
1837 June 9 John Duffus, Upholsterer, to Elizabeth Whitton.
1839 July 4 John Duffus, Tailor, to Grace McEwan, daughter of William McEwan.
1839 July 30 James Duffers, Carpenter, to Jean Chapman.
1844 August 27 James Kidd, Flax Dresser, to Mary Duffers.
1845 July 19 Adam Duffus, Tobacconist, to Magdalane Oliphant Watson, daughter of James Watson.
1847 June 2 George Petrie, Baker, to Jean? Sutherland Duffus, daughter of George Duffus.
1849 January 6 Robert Anderson to Margaret Duffus, daughter of Will Duffus.
1849 December 22 George Bisset, Flax Dresser, to Catherine Duffus.
1850 August 23 James Ireland, Blacksmith, to Harriet Duffus, daughter of George Duffus
1850 November 15 David Tindal, Wright, to Agatha Duffus, daughter of James Duffus.
1852 December 3 David Duffus, Spirit Dealer, to Ann Reekie. Daughter of Robert Reekie.
1853 May 6 John Kircaldy, Blacksmith, to Margaret Duffus, daughter of George Duffus.
1854 June 23 Peter Hogie, Labourer, to Jean Duffus, daughter of Will Duffus.