Subject: Re: references to Duffuses in Bellie census
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 23:13:40 -0000
From: "George.Jamieson" <>
To: "davidduffus" <>

Hi David

Sue Ann Stark Eichenbaum was kind enough to do some lookups for me. I understand you received from her the following -

Banffshire Bellie page 2 household 81

at Farm of Bellie Alexander Duffus Head Mar 66 farmer of 45 acres employing 3 men 1 woman and 1 boy as labourer (next door to a gate to Gordon Castle)

Charlotte Jamieson Serv U 16 House Servant Banffshire, Bellie

I believe this Charlotte is the dau. of the following group which Sue extracted for me. Thought perhaps, as often happens, one of your DUFFUS's and the servant might have started a new branch...

John Jamieson Head Mar 54 Salmon Fisher Banffshire, Bellie

Elizabeth Jamieson Wife Mar 54 Banffshire, Rathven

John Jamieson Son U 26 Salmon Fisher Banffshire, Bellie

Mary Jamieson Daur U 21 employed at home Banffshire, Bellie

Adam Jamieson Son U 19 Salmon Fisher Banffshire, Bellie

Ann Jamieson Daug 12 employed at home Banffshire, Bellie

Just wondering if any JAMIESON names fit into your charts. Is the above, page 2, entry complete or did Sue miss out any DUFFUS names in the same household.


London UK

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