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This is an outline of my father's career during his life. My dad descended John Duffus who was born in 1796 and John Henderson Duffus
born November 8, 1815 in Dundee.  While my father was stationed in England during World War II he made a trip to Edinburgh to meet
the daughter of one of the Duffuses from Dundee. But because of the Battle of the Bulge he was recalled to his duty station and
was unable to see her.
Feb. 23, 1922	Born - Cedarhurst, New York
Lived at Carmon Ave., Pearsal Ave., Court St.
and Clinton Ave.


1928-1936	St. Joachim's School - Cedarhurst, New York
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1936-1940	Bishop Laughlin High School - Brooklyn, New York
1940-1941	Employed at A&P - Cedarhurst, New York
Apr. 1942	Inducted into U.S. Army Air Corps
Aug. 1942	Departed Pre-flight Training - Santa Ana, California
Aug.-Oct. 1942  Santa Ana, California
Nov.-Dec. 1942  Primary Flight Training, Ryan School of Aeronautics -
                Tuscon, Arizona
Jan.-Feb. 1943  Basic Flight Training, Marana Army Airfield - Tuszon,
Mar.-Apr. 1943  Advanced Multi-engine Pilot Training, Marfa Army Airfield - Marfa, TX
May 1943	Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant and received Pilot's

April 28, 1943 - Marfa, Texas
June 1943	Leave - Engaged to Joan Nancy O'Keeffe
Jun.-Jul. 1943  Transition Training, C-47 - Austin, Texas
Aug. 7, 1943	Married - Joan Nancy Duffus

Aug.-Nov. 1943  437th Troop Carrier Group Sedalia Army Airfield - Sedalia, Missouri
Nov.-Dec. 1943  Pope Army Airfield - Fayetteville, North Carolina
Jan. 1944	Departed for England
Feb. 1944	Royal Air Force Base - Newark, Nottingham, England
Feb.-Dec. 1944  Royal Air Force Base - Ramsbury, England - flew 20
                combat missions out of Ramsbury, including:
D-Day - Invasion at Normandy Invasion of Holland Battle of the Bulge
Jul.-Aug. 1944  Temporary Duty - Montalto, Italy - flew 2 combat missions out of Mintalto - Invasion
                of Southern France (twice)
Jan.-Jul. 1944  A-58 Airfield - Coulommiers, France - flew many
Air-Evac and POW pickups between Belgium, Holland,
Germany, Austria and Checzhslovokia
Mar. 1944	Combat Mission - assault across the Rhine towing two
Jul. 1944	Returned to United States flying southern route across the
                south Atlantic
Sep. 1944	Left U.S. Army Air Corps
Jan.-Feb. 1945  Employed as pilot for Eastern Air Lines flying New York to
Mar.-Apr. 1945  Employed as pilot for American Airlines flying from New
                York to Miami
May-Jul. 1945	Employed as pilot for Pan-American Grace Airlines - Lima,
Jul.  1945	Returned to U.S. Army Air Corps and commissioned as
Aug. 1945 -
Jun. 1947	Plans and Policy Officer with Atlantic Division, Air
                Transport Command - Fort Totten, New York
Jun. 1947 -	Attended New York University majoring in mathematics
May 14, 1946	Birth of son - John David Duffus, Jr.

John David Duffus, Jr. - 1946
July 22, 1947	Birth of daughter - Charlene Ann Duffus
Jul.-Aug. 1949  3500th Pilot Training Group, Barksdale Air Force
Base -Shreveport, Louisana
Sep. 1949-
Jun. 1954 Director of Academic Training, 3500th PT Group,
Reese Air Force Base - Lubbock, Texas
Promoted to Major
March 24, 1954  Birth of son - Kevin Paul Duffus
Jul. 1954 -
Jul. 1955	Navy Command and Staff School, Naval War College -
                Newport, Rhode Island
Aug. 1955-
Jul. 1956	Wing Training Officer, 58th Fighter Bomber Wing
Osan Air Force Base - Korea

Aug. 1956 -
Jul. 1959	1007th Air Intelligence Service Group (CIA) -
                Washington, D.C.
Aug. 1959 -
Feb. 1960	Senior Director, SAGE, K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base -
                Marquette, Michigan

K. I. Sawyer A.F.B., Marquette, Michigan - 1959

Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

Nov. 28,1960	Birth of daughter - Mary Jeanne Duffus
Mar. 1960 -
June 1967	Chief - Emergency Actions, Air Force Command Post,
                Advanced - Fort Richie, Maryland
Jun. 1963 -
Jun. 1964	Air War College, Maxwell Air Force Base - Montgomery,

Montgomery, Alabama - 1964

Promoted to Colonel

Aug. 23, 1963	Birth of son - Christopher William Duffus
Jun. 1964	Received Batchelor of Arts degree at George Washington
Jul. 1964
-Aug. 1966 Director of Operations, Air Division - Taipei, Taiwan

Sep. 1966 -
Jun. 1969	Commander - Civil Engineering Squadron, 328th Fighter-
                Interceptor Wing, Richards-Gebauer Air Force Base -
Kansas City, Missouri
                Deputy Base Commander
Jul. 1969
Aug. 1972	Commander - Air Force ROTC, East Carolina University -
                Greenville, North Carolina
Dec. 1972	Retired



Command Pilot's Wings
Pilot's Wings - Republic of China Air Force
Legion of Merit
Air Medal - Four Clusters
Air Force Commendation Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
World War II Victory Medal
Eurpoean Theater Operations Medal - Seven Battle Stars
American Theater Operations Medal
Air Force Length Service Ribbon
Presidential Unit Citation
Distinguished Service Medal - Republic of China
1972	Licensed as Realtor
May 19, 1975	Married - Ann Stott
Sep. 1967	Formed Duffus Realty

Duffus Castle - 1987


President - Greenville Civitan Club
President -  Noon Rotary Club
Regional Vice President - North Carolina Association of Realtors
President - Greenville- Pitt County Board of Realtors
Chairman - Pitt County-City of Greenville Airport Authority
Awards - Realtor of the Year - Greenville-Pitt County Board of Realtors
Regional Service Awards - North Carolina Association of Realtors

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