E-mail and mail regarding Duffus 2000

Updated June 12, 2000

Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 01:27:43 -0400
From: Gordon Douglas Duffus Reply-To: gduffus@erols.com
To: davidduffus
Subject: gathering 2000

Have you thought about coordinating the 2000 Gathering with the Lossiemouth Folk Festival? This year, I believe that it's on 18 July... I have no date as of yet for 2000. Although doing so might make accomadations a little harder to get, it might be a nice adjunct to our own 'thing'. Just a thought. Also, I would suggest that each 'family' attending, bring a national flag from their homes (with pole).... would make a great photo.... the flags flying from the castles' highest part (you put 'em up there). And... some international porta-potties might also be in order :-) As I suggested previously, we're gonna NEED at LEAST a piper at the castle on the first day of the gathering. Any thoughts of your own in this area? I have a mate who lives in Duffus Village (Charlie Walker) who is retired RAF. He might be able to glom onto a piper from the Air Base. Shall I contact him & ask? Are you thinking of a 'picnic-type' get together or just a 'show-up-as you-are' thing? Shall we order a keg from the Duffus Inn? I have to tell you that I am 'hyped' over the whole idea of this thing. You're a wizard! Although you weren't the first to have the idea, you certainly are the first to do something about the thought. It would have been great to have my brother Donald at the gathering but he had the bad taste to die prior to the announcement. His sons (& their wives & maybe their kids), & his wife will all be there. They go in his memory, I suppose. 'Tis a good thing. Two of Don's sons have been to Duffus.... his oldest comes next year for the first time.... maybe with a new wife. As for my oldest brother, Bobby (Robert), this will be his & his son Colins' first visit. Colin may be bringing "THE Beth'.... his girlfriend. A treat for all concerned. She's a riot! Cindy will be making her third visit to Scotland.... her first was on our honeymoon (akin to my nephew's wife, Pam II.... known as 'Pam II' because my oldest son married 'Pam I'....). This will be my oldest son's second trip & my youngest son's second trip.... different times for each... the first trip together. I like it! This will be my 6th time to Duffus. Our friends in Edinburgh had bad news for us. She has been diagnosed with MS.... so damned sad! Andrew (a Sgt. w/ Lothian & Borders Police) is very near to retirement. They had planned on travelling the world when he left The JOB. That's out now. We were planning a trip together to the Outer Hebrides.... guess that's off also. I don't know what to do for them. Sometimes she even forgets who he is.... how can I expect her to remember us? Anyway.... let me know what I can do to further the Gathering... I'm your man! Gordon


Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 21:31:39 EDT
Subject: Duffus Reunion
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com 

Hi David, I wrote you a couple of months ago offering to help you with plans for the Duffus reunion next July. You emailed me your telephone number and asked me to give you a call. Unfortunately, I lost your number and was not able to call. We are so excited about the reunion and I would love to help you out! Please let me know if I can assist you in any way. I promise not to lose your number again! Also, I wanted to make sure you had a list of all in my family that are confirmed to attend: Roy Duffus (Cape Cod, MA) my father-in-law Joe Duffus (Montclair, VA) my husband Maria Duffus (Montclair, VA) Daniel Duffus (Montclair, VA) my son Mike Mulrain (Westborough, MA) my brother-in-law Carolyn Duffus Mulrain (Westborough, MA) my sister-in-law Katie Mulrain (Westborough, MA) my niece Melanie Mulrain (Westborough, MA) my niece Kerstin Schweizer (Locust Grove, VA) my mother We are all looking forward to the reunion!

Maria Schweizer Duffus



From: "The Commercial Law Practice"
Subject: DUFFUS 2000 REUNION
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999

I recently received a copy of your letter regarding the Duffus 2000 Reunion and I've also looked and the Duffus website which is all very interesting. I notice that there will not be a Ceilah anymore but still a gathering. Just to let you know my mother and father will be attending and maybe myself and brother. They are William John Duffus and Johanna Duffus from 1 Aquithie Lane, Kemnay. They do not have access to the website that is why I'm replying on their behalf. Please keep us posted Many Thanks Julie Duffus


From: "Bill Rail"
Subject: The Duffus Reunion
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 

Dear Mr Duffus

As a result of joining the Rootsweb Aberdeeen List I have made contact with a number of Duffus family members who have helped me  establish the beginnings of a family tree dating back to c1750 in Cullen, Deskford and Keith. My grandmother was a Helen Duffus born in Aberdeen St Nicholas in 1880.

I have also visited your wonderful web site several   time now and have found it most informative and helpful.

I have been intrigued about your early notices of   next year's  reunion and would very much like to attend, but I notice that in your correspondence everybody is called Duffus or nee Duffus. Is membership to your group limited to people with the Duffus surname, who have descended from  the male line? Or can someone from the distaff side like me be admitted?

Angela Rail

Chichester West Sussex UK 

From: "Bill Rail"
To: "davidduffus"
Subject: Re: The Duffus Reunion
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999

Very pleased to get your message and so pleased to know we can attend the reunion. We would mean myself, husband and possibly both sons with families. Can you let me know when is the latest date to confirm numbers as we are departing soon to our home in Spain for the winter and early summer and will be coming back just in time for the reunion. We are on the internet in Spain so arrangements can be made from there. Regards, Angela Rail -----Original Message----- From: davidduffus To: Bill Rail Date: 13 August 1999 16:12 Subject: Re: The Duffus Reunion >We'd love to have you Angela! Please note on the Duffus/Duffes 2000 web >page my invitation is directed to non-Duffuses/Duffeses as well. > >Thanks for your kind comments. > >Do you want me to add your name to the list of potential attendees? > >Best wishes, > >David >


Received: from WowieP@aol.com
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999
Subject: Re: Update on Duffus/Duffes Reunion
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com

David, If it is possible, please add my sister, Stephanie Duffus Thain, and her children, Ashley & Andrew Thain (from Granby, Connecticut) to the list of Duffus' coming to the reunion. We can't wait to meet everyone. Steff & Ashley have been to Duffus, Scotland before, and are looking forward to seeing it again. The site is a winner! Thank you for all of the hard work you have put into making this reunion the success it is sure to be. Sincerely, Valerie Duffus Price


H.B. Duffus
29 Kinbrae Park Gardens
Newport-on-Tay, Scotland DD6 8JX

Dear David,

Just a note to confirm that the Duffus family are going to Duffus 2000.

From Kinnesswood:  Alan Duffus, wife Khris and daughter Claire

From Newport-on-Tay: Harry Beveridge Duffus

From Dundee: George, wife Ann, daughter Lesley and daughter Lynne from Cheltenham   

We will arrange our own hotels.


Subject: Duffus 2000 Reunion
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 07:25:49 -0400
From: Neil Duffus <NeilDuffus@compuserve.com>
To: "davidduffus@greenvillenc.com" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Dear David

Thank-you for your recent letter concerning the reunion. My partner and I shall be attending. Also possibly my parents and sisters.

Neil Duffus (From Dingwall, Scotland)


Subject: Gathering 2000
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 23:39:03 -0400
From: Gordon Douglas Duffus <gduffus@erols.com>
To: DAVID DUFFUS <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Dear David,

A few quick 'things' prior to replying to your request for in-put on the Gathering Schedule:

1. Duffus spellings(as there seemed to be some question): DUFFUS, DUFIS,DUFFHOUS, DUFFES.... all acceptable as the same name. Our ancestors usedphonetics. Indeed, in certain old documents, the same name was spelled a number of different ways by the same correspondent.

2. There is a Duffus Hillock in Glen Lossie, south west of Elgin... might be considered for a walking destination but could also be too far (& wet).

3. Crests: Crests are a funny thing (& Congress is an ass). There really are NO 'Family Crests' as such. Either a single person is armorous (has a crest) or he isn't... families don't have them; just individuals. Here in The States, we don't go in for this type of refined distinction but in Scotland, there are laws against using arms to which one is not entitled (The Lord Lyon, King of Arms has the power to arrest & fine abusers). It is therefore not strange that different branches of our family keep coming up with different crests from their respective ancestors... the most recent being that wonderful wax image (which looked to me like a man swimming from left to right but is probably a
boar). My own branch, according to my grandfather, had an ancestor who,used a Mailed Fist (same for a branch of our mob from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada). Then, of course, there are the Sutherlands of Duffus (no relationto us) of whom I have 4 crests which differed each time there was a marriage & someone new took over the Lordship. I have a banner with Kenneth, 3rd Lord Duffus' arms on it... I'll bring it to the gathering. Nice touch flying from the castle along with the national flags.

4. Another place to consider visiting; Thunderton House on the High Street in Elgin (since we'll already be there). It was the townhouse of the Sutherland Lords of Duffus (taken over by the Dunbars for debts not payed in the early 1700's) but slept in by Bonnie Prince Charlie on his way to Culloden Moor & then by his Cousin, The Duke of Cumberland ("Billy the Butcher") also on his way to Culloden (1746). The house used to have two carved savages outside (Sutherland Arms supporters) which have now been moved to the Elgin Museum. It used to be a hotel but I'm not sure what it is now.

5. A small 'pilgrimage' to 137 High Street would not be remiss... 'twas the birth place of my great grandfather John :-) and a few generations before him.

6. The schedule shows alot of outdoor activities. Have you considered contingency plans for the rotten-weather-days? I noticed that there was no 'drinking time' on the schedule. Is THAT the contingency plan? We all gang to the Duffus Inn for pints & pies when it rains? I like it!

7. Have you considered a local guide for any of the places we'll be going to that aren't attended? We can 'pass-the-hat' for any fees. The Tourist Office can provide brochures for most of them but the info is
usually sketchy. Maybe the library could suggest someone.

8. Invite the Countess of Sutherland (or her son Lord Strathnaver) as an honored guest on 1 July? Even though the Clan Sutherland Society in Scotland doesn't recognize us as a Sept of Clan Sutherland ('tis true), she may come 'just because' they should! (The Clan Sutherland Society in N. America DOES recognize us!). If you like, I could contact her.

9. I was going to mention Culloden as a possible tour stop(as there were a few Duffus' there) but have reconsidered & feel that that place is best left to self-touring. It never fails to sadden me.

10. On the way to Dunrobin, for the adventurous, is Skilbo Castle, much like Duffus but in REALLY bad repair. Another site held by the Sutherlands of Duffus.

11. I'm not the Secretary of the CSSNA... I am now the Historian (?)... I have been VP a few times over the years, Southeast Commissioner, Virginia Convenor, & am a founding member.

Looks great to me!!! Just a few questions/comments (sorry):

1. Can we get a piper for the Grand March? Kinloss RAF base has/had a pipe band which wore Sutherland Tartan. Not far off from Duffus. Don't know if the base still exists, what with Down-Sizing.

2. Can't we have a Ceildh on our own (w/o formal entertainment) like in the auld days?... story telling, singing, 'where I'm from tales', etc. Maybe during the candlelight tour?

3. And, can we 'do' a candlelight tour or does The Castle close at dark? We can 'do' a candlelight tour of Duffus Inn :-)

4. What's this 'Lecture Series' you've signed me up for? :-)

5. You made NO mention of the monument which we should erect on The Castle grounds, listing the names of all who attend :-) We should atleast endeavor to write our names on scraps of paper & toss 'em into one of the latrines :-) Now that could be cause for a different type of ceremony.

6. Should we let the Duffus Inn know that we're coming so that they can lay in extra stores for the event?

7. Wreath laying ceremony at The Castle, St. Peters, Elgin Cathedral, in Loch Spynie? Kind of a "we've come back, how are you guys doing?" thing?

Looking back on what I've written, I seem to have raised problems rather than solving them. That was certainly not my intent. I know how difficult this must be for you to arrange from long-distance. Feel free to delegate some responsibilities... might have interesting consequences/results. I think that I've done all of the 'damage' which I could tonite... tomorrow is another day..


Subject: Duffus Reunion Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 17:17:02 +0930 From: Anne Miller To: "'David Duffus'" Dear David, Thank you for your reply and I have found the Sunday New and duffus 2000. My friend is the present Lady of Duff, and her brother (also my friend) and who died 2 years ago, was known as 7th Lord Duffus. His ashes were taken to Scotland and scattered on the great hall of the Castle. My friend is very well known there. I shall send her copies of your pages, If you would like to make special contact with her, please let me know. I should very much like to be there at that time. I love the Morayshire country side and know well all the places where you are planning activities. Thanks again. Anne M.


Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 1999 01:34:33 -0400
From: Eric Wargo <ewargo@emory.edu>
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com

Dear David,

I wanted to thank you for your response to my query about variant spellings of Duffus---as well as a definition of "Butt Sicker". I believe I also told you in my email that I was going to attend the University of Glasgow for the 1999-2000 year. My husband and I have been packing for several weeks and we leave tomorrow, ready or not!

I have been keeping up with the plans for the Duffus/Duffes 2000 Reunion and we are making plans to attend. My mother and father (Annella and James Kenneth DUFFES) have been very interested to hear about all of this and I am hoping to get them to visit us during the reunion so that we all may attend.

I am looking forward to seeing Scotland for the first time. The country looks beautiful and I've heard about how friendly the people are. I think this will be a great year!


Melissa Duffes Wargo
511 Crescent Road
Griffin, GA 30224

--please send any future email updates to jduffes@hotmail.com


Subject: 2000 Reunion
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 01:10:59 +0100
From: "Penny Paterson" <Clansuthscot@btinternet.com>
To: <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Dear David

Firstly I must say how impressed I am by your website. It has certainly given me much information on the Duffus link to Clan Sutherland.

I am the secretary of the Clan Sutherland Society in Scotland, and since we do have a few Duffus members, and also many who are descended through the Duffus Lords, I wondered if we could publish information on your 2000 Gathering in our forthcoming Newsletter which will be published in November.

We are also in the middle of trying to set up a website, but it has not been easy when there is so much to learn about it all. Hopefully though it will soon be up and running and we will be able to link up wth other Sutherland sites overseas.

Penny Paterson


Subject: Re: 2000 GATHERING
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 16:03:32 -0400
From: Gordon Douglas Duffus <gduffus@erols.com>
To: IDuffus@aol.com
CC: DAVID DUFFUS <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Dear Iain (also my youngest son's name),
I am passing this e-mail on to David Duffus who is putting this 'thing' together. See you next summer...
Gordon D. Duffus

IDuffus@aol.com wrote:


Subject: Finnish Connections
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 18:49:49 +0100
From: "orla mcnally" <omcnally@shamrock45.freeserve.co.uk>
To: <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Dear David Duffus,

When I was child, my Grandfather, Kenneth Alexander Wrede af Elima, proudly told me that I had Scottish ancestors. He gave me a copy of a picture of a very noble bewigged gentleman with his dog, which I now know to be Kenneth Duffus. I was even bought a Kilt in ancient Sutherland tartan, which I wore in pride and a fair degree of ignorance until the the hem rose as I grew!

My family name arose in Germany and has been traced back to 1202 (only). Our Scandinavian branch of the Wrede's left there in 1342 settling in Sweden and Finland in the 17th century after being granted the estates of Elima by the Swedish Crown. My branch of the Wrede af Elima family was the one originally resident at Anjala, the Finnish home of Kenneth Duffus and his daughter Regina from whom, I believe, I am descended.

My father, who was born in Vyborg, now in Russia, came to England in 1950 to study, married my mother and stayed. I was born in London in 1958 and have always lived, studied and worked in England. Though I have a very mixed blood-line I can not escape my English cultural identity.

However things turn full circle and I have just been appointed Consultant to the Fife Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and will be coming to live in the ancient Kingdom at the end of this year. Thus after the successful interview, for which much research had been done on the internet, I went on-line and entered 'Duffus', there to find your splendid, highly informative and well researched web-site. You can imagine my pleasure on finding the page about Anjala, even though my feudal fore-bears do get rave reviews!

Would an Anglo-Welsh Finn with a German name, a splash of Jacobite blood and an Irish fiance be welcome at your reunion?

I look forward to hearing from you,

With sincere best wishes, David Wrede.

Mr. C. David H. Wrede
7 Deeley Close,
Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2NR.

0121-440 7775 (H)
07970 386445 (M)


8 Sinclair Drive
G84 9BA

5 September 1999

Dear David

It was with considerable interest and delight that we read your letter which arrived earlier this summer Since I met and later married my husband, Brian Duffus (George Duffus of Dundee's cousin), I have only met a handful of people who share my adopted surname and they have all been immediate family members. In fact we are the only Duffus in the greater Glasgow area telephone directory. As my natural lineage is the Clan Campbell, it has reit quite strange joining such a wee Clan! So imagine my delight at discovering that there are lots more out there!

Brian's brother, David, was the brother of Harry Beveridge Duffus of Newport-on-Tay Unfortunately he passed away many years ago at the very young age of 52 years. Brian's elder brother Stuart lives in Glenrothes, Fife, as does his mother Anne Brian and I married in 1982 and two daughters, Jennifer Beth and Susan Victoria Duffus, who are 12 and 9 years old.

Last summer we made our first trip to the States as many of my Grandmother's siblings emigrated to the West coast in the early 1900's. We had a marvelous holiday spending some time in San Francisco before driving up the California/Oregon coast to Manzanita Beach for a family reunion on 4th July It was a truly memorable experience!

We therefore look forward to receiving more detailed information regarding a possible Duffus reunion in the year 2000. The girls are particularly excited as they still remember our visit 2 years ago to Duffus Castle and Duffus village where they posted their postcards to all their friends and family.

We will await further correspondence from you on the matter. Until then may we convey our sincere thanks for your vision and willingness to coordinate such wonderful event.

Yours aye

Brian, Kay, Jennifer and Susan Duffus


Dear David,

You deserve an award for the website - it is fascinating. Helen and I and our son Alex aged 15 months are looking forward to the reunion. We will be going online shortly and will then be able to keep up with events.

We look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Duffus.


Subject: Re: Your email
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 00:04:58 +0100
From: "Penny Paterson" <Clansuthscot@btinternet.com>
To: "davidduffus" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>


I am putting together something for our Newsletter and want to say explain about your Gathering next year. Can you give me conformed dates and any other infromation on what is happening. How can folk keep in touch via the Internet? Can you confirm your email and web address for those interested.


Penny Paterson


29 Kinbrae Park Gardens
Newport-on-Tay DD6 8JX


Dear David,

I’ve been expecting a call from you, but you have been quiet of late. Re Duffus 2000, George and I had a meeting to discuss plans for a Ceilidh (real highland party) for the Saturday night. We discussed hotels or halls, party items , a band or not, and a programme.

We decided that the local hotels would not accommodate 1000 or more guests. So we opted for George to revisit the area and look around. A Ceilidh is better suited for a church or village hall. He was lucky, appropriately Duffus Village Hall has been refurbished and can hold up to 200, and was available – George booked it for Saturday night, provisionally, subject to your approval. He has friends in the whiskey business who can probably supply Tartan etc. as decorations. The local inn does "buffet" purveys and George’s friends in the area says he is very good. He can be provisionally booked if you approve (numbers later 0> Additionally, the local Duffus Inn has been approached and will even come over to the hall and supply and run a small bar, if you approve. If we can use this facility, we can do the whole thing for well under 20 pounds a head, as people buy only what they want to drink. This includes the rent of the hall and food and entertainers. George is quite happy to be M.C. (Master of Ceremonies) and will organise a small band, singers and entertainers, mostly Duffus’s.

George is willing to put this through his computer to you, but I’m writing in case the computer plays up.

Obviously at some point we will have to get firm promises of the numbers likely to attend the Ceilidh: anyway its now all coming together and all my family are to be there. That’s Harry, Alan, George, Innes, Isobel, with families (except Isobel).

Let us hear from you about the suggestions so far.

All the best,




Subject: Re: Duffus Gathering - July 2000
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 21:33:38 -0500
From: Gordon Douglas Duffus gduffus@erols.com
To: DAVID DUFFUS <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Hey David....Here's some 'skinny'...

Carol Kirkwood wrote:
> Hello Mr. Duffus,
> Firstly, apologies for the delay in replying to your request. I have a few contacts which should help with your gathering next July.
> The only local organisation that could accommodate a large residential group in the Duffus area is Gordonstoun School and this may be available for your  group during the summer holidays. Please contact Mr. Pyper, Headteacher, Gordonstoun School, Duffus, IV30. The telephone number is: 01343 837837.
> The Moray Council also has a Residential Centre at Cullen which has approximately 30 beds, but is some distance away from Duffus. If you are interested, please contact Lucy Jones, Cullen Community Education & Residential Centre, Seafield Street, CULLEN. Telephone - 01542 840701.
> A contact for the local village hall is Mrs. S McKnockitor, 19 Hopeman Road,   Duffus. The hall committee might be interested in hosting a social event for your group.
> Please contact Robin Weeden, Community Development Worker, Lossiemouth   Community Education Centre, Coulardbank Road, Lossiemouth, IV31 6JW. Telephone 01343 815299 for other information and help in the Duffus/Lossiemouth area.
> I hope the above is of some help to you and that your gathering next summer is a great success.
> Carol Kirkwood
> Resource Assistant
> Carol Kirkwood
> carol.kirkwood@chief.moray.gov.uk


Subject: Change of E-mail address
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 18:14:50 -0000
From: "Jenny Carr" Jenny@rplace.fsnet.co.uk
To: <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Hi David

After several months of not having an address and only now catching up on the news, I thought I had better let everyone know.

So please amend your records from BISUME@aol.com to the above address and if you have been trying to send me anything and had it sent back I would be grateful if you will resend.

I am glad all is going well for the celebrations in the summer (it seems a long time away with the cold and the rain!!!) and we will be booking our hotels shortly.

I believe out party maybe about 7 or 8 altogether as my sister is planning to come along with her family.

Anyhow it is nice to be back on line and I look forward to fully catching up with all the news.

Bye for now




300 Tern Path
Fife, Scotland KY7 6TN

Dear Sir,

I am writing in reply to your letter which I recently received from yourself inviting all Duffuses to a reunion in July 2000. Could you please send me any information you have as I wish to attend this reunion.

If possible could you send any information on the Duffus History as I have little knowledge of my surname as my grandparents passed away when I was young. I was told that some of my family had moved abroad but had no forwarding addresses.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Richard R. Duffus

P.S. Could you please pass on any addresses which I could contact for more information.



309-4900 Carter St.
Vancouver, BC

Dear David,

Many thanks once more for your letter and information. I am happy to say that I have obtained a 4 star B & B in Duffus or as they now say – Dufftown – which I dislike & can’t understand why they changed it!

I was sent two very informative magazines by a friend in Crieff so I will pass the best one on to you as you may wish to make it available to the people that have need for accommodation. I can’t believe there are so many of us in the world. The walk to the Castle should be quite a human spectacle.

With grateful thanks for all your effort on our behalf.


Johnnie Duffus

P.S. The Bears are at the B.C. Children’s Hospital and in memorial to honour our daughter’s memory.


13 Beverly Crescent
Woodford Green
Essex, IG8 9DD
Great Britain

3rd October 1999

Dear David,

Sorry that it has taken so long to write and thank you for your correspondence regarding the "Gathering." Things are beginning to come together now with the Calendar of Events being published. It should make for an enjoyable weekend. The one thing that you cannot organize is the weather, so I hope it is good for that period.

I had a thought, that all big events and gatherings a ??? time specially written to communicate them. It would be nice if one could be written for the Duffus Reunion. Names that I would suggest would be "Duffus Castle 2000," "Clan Duffus ???? etc., "Duffus Gathering/Reunion 2000" or perhaps someone can think of a more reliable title.

In order to get your database completely accurate, I would like to point out one or two slight changes in the details about my family.

My post code should read "IG8 9DD" not "148" (probably due to my bad handwriting).

The last line should read: "Wife of John William Duffus – Paula (not Pamela) and their two children" (again probably my bad writing).

I hope you didn’t mind me pointing out these slight errors, but it will then give an accurate record. I think that I also mentioned that my wife Eileen Lillian Duffus will be attending the Reunion.

All the best,

Gordon James Duffus


East Mathers Farm
St. Cyrus by Montrose
Angus, Scotland DD10 0DW

28th October 1999

Duffus, Younce, Melvin & Vtipil
North Carolina

Duffus 2000 Reunion

Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your kind invitation to the above Reunion which I will have much pleasure in accepting.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Duffus



Subject: Duffus re- union
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 14:59:52 -0000
From: Gordon Duffus <gordon.duffus4@virgin.net>
To: "'davidduffus@greenvillenc.com'"

Hi David,

Just a short note to say my family will attend the re-union.We met in Aberdeen last year . I am Gordon, son of Gordon Duffus.

My brothers will attend as will my sister. I will write to you soon with definite numbers. Thanks for putting our photos in our family tree under Allenvale of Aberdeen.We will sort out our own hotel.

I will personally look forward to this as my birthday falls on the 29th and I will be the big 40. Speak soon.



Subject: Duffus reunion
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 10:42:46 EST
From: Jantierney@cs.com
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com

Hello - Mum and Dad have asked me to email you ( Wendy and Bruce Duffus of Cheadle Hulme , Cheshire).

We have a large number of our family interested in the Ceilidh on the

Wendy and Bruce Duffus

Jan Tierney ( nee Duffus) plus children Nicole and Philip

Fiona Miles( nee Duffus) and husband Rob

Daphne Heath ( nee Duffus) and husband Clive

Mavis Brown (nee Duffus) and husband Bernard plus families ( 4 adults and 4 children)

possibly Sally Troon (nee Duffus)plus husband Paul and 5 children

We will be making our own accomodation arrangements ( The Browns already live up there in Buckie).

Happy Christmas and Merry 2000

Very best wishes

Jan and Wendy and Bruce!


Subject: Duffus reunion
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 15:37:48 EST
From: DMarvin416@aol.com
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com
CC: A1dad2@aol.com, DMarvin416@aol.com

I am interested in coming to the Duffus reunion. We are related to Alexander Duffus from Banffshire. Clan of Sutherland. My name is Doreen Marvin, my  husband 2 children, my mother-in-law, Pat Marvin, my brother-in-law, Bill Marvin,his wife and two kids, my husband's aunt Dolly McNichols and her husband would be attending. Please put us on the roster to attend.



Subject: Reunion
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 18:15:15 EST
From: JDUFFUSW@aol.com
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com

I'm starting to look into making arrangements to go to the reunion. You said that you had finally been able to open the disk I sent. If you get a chance to look thru it, you will find my GF's brother Francis Ferguson Duffus listed
as WHO ARE WHO 1951-1960. My GF also had another brother who was a general and one who was a Col. I was hoping to do some genealogy research thru some Army organization and was hoping you could give me a recommendation. Now that I find Francis is in who's who that might be another direction, but who would I contact? Finally, where did you recommend I try to get a room in Elgin. I'm thinking about flying direct from St Louis to London for a few days then to Edinburgh for a couple of days then somehow on to Elgin, maybe w/ a limo and driver. I don't presume we really need a car, I wouldn't look forward to driving in Scotland!!

Jack Duffus Wiess


Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 22:41:05 -0800
From: Don McEachern <Don_McEachern@bc.sympatico.ca>
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com




#131-1770-128 TH STREET
V4A 3V4




Subject: Duffus 2000 Reunion
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 13:40:57 -0000
From: "Louise Duffus" <L.Duffus@dial.pipex.com>
To: "David Duffus" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Dear David

Thank you so much for your letter of 14th January 2000 which I received this weekend. I have recently moved from 87 Edridge Road and my new address is:

Maria Louise Duffus
38 East Drive
Carshalton Beeches
Surrey SM5 4PA
Tel: 020 8643 6254

I have already visited the web site and seen the information. I have two aunts living in Scotland, Margaret Duffus in Dundee and Hilda Booth (nee Duffus) in Glasgow. My parents Win and Ian Duffus live in Darlington in the North of England. It would be nice if we could all come but I will have to arrange time off work etc etc. I think we would be most interested in attending the ceilidh on the Saturday night.

My parents, together with my aunts all visited the town of Duffus in the summer of 1998 and thoroughly enjoyed their trip. I have seen their holiday video of the castle and the kirk in the village and would very much like to visit.

Thank you so much for your letter, I will keep in touch.

Kind regards

Maria Louise Duffus


Subject: Re: Gathering of the clan
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 10:48:50 -0000
From: "Elaine Ansell" <elaine@eansell.freeserve.co.uk>
To: <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Dear David,

I have just received a telephone call from my parents in North East Scotland regarding your visit in June/July this year.

Could you please send me details either on this e-mail address or at:

Mr H Duffus
24 Blackheath Vale

I am a detective in the Metropolitan Police Service in London and I would be interested in attending the gathering.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Herbert Duffus (Jnr.) and Elaine Ansell (Partner).


Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 11:11:19 +1100
From: "teddyb" <teddyb@key.net.au>
To: "David Duffus" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

G'day to you David, Happy New Year to you and your family ....this is a email on behalf of Barry &
Arlene Duffus regarding the Duffus reunion ...

Barry.Arlene.Margaret and Neal will be coming to the Duffus reunion .

Flying Sydney to Glasgow .......will arrive 29th June 14.40 hours .

Please could you email me back as soon as possible and let me know are there any special arrangements
for accommodation ?

They are booking all trips and accommodation with their travel agent.

They are leaving Glasgow for London on the 3rd.and leaving on the 22nd day for for UK and Ireland trip and leaving for home on the 30 th July.

Could you please send a itinerary for them as soon as possible by email to me and they are looking forward to meeting you and all the Duffus clan .

Thanking you David I will wait for your early reply with the itinerary for them also please note my email address is teddyb@key.net.au regards Maggie

"ps " Wish I could fit in the suitcases " with them !! bye now .......


Subject: reunion
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 12:37:48 -0000
From: "David Frew" <Dfrewjduffus@btinternet.com>
To: <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Dear David,

I read with great interest your recent communication regarding the Duffus reunion and I would advise that I intend to be at the celebrations together with my son, John Duffus, my daughter Shirley and my grandson Matthew - all Duffuss. final details have still to be ironed out but we are looking forward to it and will fill out the registration form in due course

Regards Jean Duffus


Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 08:10:02 -0800
From: Don McEachern <Don_McEachern@bc.sympatico.ca>
To: David Duffus <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>






Subect: Duffus 2000 Reunion
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 13:05:39 +0000
From: helenbay@princes-trust.org.uk
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com

Dear David,

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Mary Helen Bayne nee Duffus, My brother, William John Duffus, has already registered to come to the reunion 29th June to 2nd July. I live in London whereas my brother still lives in the North East of Scotland where we were both brought up. John's interest in the reunion has been registered through his daughter, Julie, who alas (but good for her) is now in Australia.

Hopefully it is not too late to register my intention to go to the reunion with my husband.

I have tried to register both my husband, Jim, and myself on the Duffus website but it has not been accepted. I don't know if this means there are problems with the website or if the registration is closed. Perhaps you could let me know on this e-mail address.

My cousin, Alice Duffus (now Mrs Atkin), would also like to join the reunion along with her husband Peter and possibly their two children.

We would plan to join the reuinion party on Friday 30th June and participate until 2nd July. My husband, Jim, would be most interested in the Golf Tournament on the Friday afternoon.

I am sorry I haven't been in contact before but I have only recently become fully aware of all the details. I do hope that there will be room for my party of possibly 6 (including myself and cousin, Alice, and family).

As to the actual arrangements, I am a 'wee bit' confused about the payment for the Ceilidh. Your e-mail of 21st February seems to suggest that payment should be made when we join the reunion. However, the registration form indicates that the money should be sent to you now. Again, perhaps you could let me know how you want payment to be made.

Finally, some other information about me.

Home address: 

59 Copse Avenue
Kent BR4 9NN

Telephone No: 020 8777 6918

Look forward to meeting up with you,

Mary Helen


Church House, Great Elm
Frome, Somerset BA11 3NZ
Tel. 01373 813215
email: jim@duffus72.freeserve.co.uk


Dear David,

Received your e-mail confirming our attendance at the gathering.

I enclosed a check for L40 for the Ceilidh. Oscar would like to attend (he loves a Ceilidh), but we'll bring him a haggis back instead. We are flying from Bristol to Aberdeen - probably a longer flight than from the USA.
We look forward to seeing you all. Our children are also getting interested (I shall let you know if they want to come).

Yours sincerely,



Dr. John Duffus
+131 667 3683 (w)
+131 667 3682 (h)
+131 662 0744 (fax)
email - J.H.Duffus@btinternet.com

Feb. 20, 2000

Dear David,

This is to confirm our participation. I still don't know about Victoria and Anna.

With every good wish,



17 West End Rd.
East ???
MV16 5PL

13th February

Dear David,

Find enclosed cheque for L40 in respect of the ceilidh. Our son Alex will attend but he will only be just two in July. I imagine that he will get in for free.

My wife and I both sing - she much better than I & we hope to do a tune - perhaps in conjunction with my cousin Jim and his wife Judy from Somerset

I am not sure if we are already down as having registered. I recollect sending you an email from Diana LeBrecht's in Ely last October. I also note that Peter, Helen & Alex Duffus are down to attend. I initially mistook these people for us but then saw that they are said to be from Aberdeen. Is this a mistake or a massive coincidence?

Either way, you have this form & so everything should sort out.

Yours sincerely,

Peter A. Duffus


The Coven
119 Main St.
Ely, Cambridgeshire,

Monday, 14th February

Dear David,

Enclosed cheque for L80 for the members of our group to attend the Ceilidh on saturday 1st July. Do we pay for the distillery tour on the coach?

Sorry to hear about your Chief of Police. Do hope that he is pleased with his pension and that the new chief is a good law officer.

Today, it is ??, gray and pouring with rain. Jack is away this morning attending his computer class at the local school - Tho he thoroughly enjoys - he's becoming quite a whiz kid. I am carrying on with my classes in History. This term we are studying feudal archaeology which is very interesting.

I have not emntioned much about Jamaica perhaps because things are very sad there. Uncle Herbert was very ill before Christmas. Poor Aunt Elsie is now very frail and confused - They have 24 hour nursing care at home and are supplemented by their very loyal cook and gardener both of whom have worked with them for near 30 years. As you know I visited Jamaica with my brother John (Toronto) - We were both very shocked at the state of the country - The population, the corruption, high unemployment and growing gap between the rich and poor made us very sad. I may fly out later this year.

Kindest regards to Diane and yourself,

Diana LeBrecht nee Duffus


Dear David ,

Tried to  use the Duffus Registration page some time ago without success. A recent retry was equally unsuccessful so I am sending this snail mail.

The party consists of myself and three children (aged 28 to 43) and taking the opportunity to visit relatives and seeing the countryside. We only plan to assist in "official activities" like the Ceilidh.

Appending check on 4 x 35 = US$140.00

Thank you for your time.

Carl Wrede

P.S. If you wonder who we are, check up David Wrede's e-mail, he is my nephew.


McEachern & Co. Design Ltd.
#131 - 1770 - 128 St.
White Rock, BC V4A 3V4

Jan. 31, 2000

Dear David,

What a great web site!!

My mother and I are very excited about the Duffus reunion. We will be staying at "The Croft" in Elgin.

We hope to find out more about our own family tree. I will bring as much information on the history of the family as we have, and hope to get more.


Lorna J. McEachern


26 Kenilworth Ave.
Dundee DD4 6LG
United Kingdom

February 7, 2000

Dear Mr. Duffus,

I enclose herewith my request for provisional registration - provisional because my being at the Gathering depends on my being able to find a single room. You may not be aware that there is a dearth of these and when Elgin knows that there is to be an influx of people for anything so specific as a gathering, coming up to summer time, they will not be willing to allocate doubles as singles. This story is usually "If you come back after 10 p.m.----" One other thing regarding the proposed payment -- wouldn't it be possible for you to open an account here and authorise someone to collect for those who live here? It would save some conversion charges.

I learned about the event only when I saw you photographed in the Howff flanked by Harry and Innes, one of whom I have since met. Harry has shown me some of the material you sent him which leaves me almost speechless. I can add a little but at present I am hounded to death (you must brush up on your Scots) with property problems and the aftermath of my accident (Oct.98) when my car was totaled and my insurers have let me down badly. No injury but nothing but hassle since.

I enclose a tree which will give you some idea of my credentials. My Doigs are a dead loss literally and metaphorically. I should have concentrated on Duffuss and Tyndalls. I might then come up with some living relatives, however distant. I had Latin at school and University and I felt that the plural of Duffus should be "Duffi!"

I look forward to meeting friends from across the pond which my father crossed many times as a marine engineer with ATL. They broke up the ships in 1934 and five years later, wished they had them - ships and engineers. The result in terms of employment was not much different from the Clearances.

With all good wishes for the success of your project.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Doig

Enclosed - tree DD and Helen Mitchell, USA connection, Cupar James D. and Ann Couts



Broomhall Drive
Oswestry, England SY10 7HG

Tel 01691 653484

30 March 2000

Dear David

I hope you don't mind me using your first name as I feel I know you quite well after reading all the internet correspondence which my son passes on to me .

I must however apologise for not having replied to your letter of April last year which gave advance notice of the reunion at Duffus castle at the end of June. Since then I have been kept up to date by your various mail shots which my son receives on his computer -- I am afraid I don't possess one.

Perhaps a few facts might be of interest to you for your data base. My full name is William Alexander Duffus and I am 72 years of age. I'm married to Sybil and we have a son John Alexander and a daughter Heather Anne together with four granchildren.

For a number of years I have been interested in constructing a family tree and I have got back as far as 1761. My earliest traceable ancestor was one William Duffus a farmer of Pennyburn. Unfortunately, as you probably know, records in Scotland are not as complete or concise as they might be and if one does not have easy access to the records in Edinburgh, research is made more difficult.

I still have relatives --- cousins living in Tomintoul and Aberdeenshire together with two others in Australia.

My wife and I intend to be at the re-union and also wish to participate in the various visits and also the Ceilidh and to this end I am enclosing the booking form with this letter. As you suggested when we talked I will contact Innes Duffus to arrange payment.

May I congratulate you for arousing such interest in our family name and ancestry. You have done a wonderful job and I hope a good attendance will be a rewarding experience.

We are both looking forward to meeting other Duffus family members and I hope my son & his family will also be able to attend, although pressures of business & school commitments may prevent this.

I look forward to hearing from you with further details which I can receive via my sons fax or email numbers shown on the enclosed form.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Duffus

P.S. I am enclosing an extract from my family tree for info.


rom: Jenny Carr <Jenny@rplace.fsnet.co.uk>
To: <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>
Subject: 2000 Reunion
Date: Saturday, April 01, 2000 12:56 PM

Hi David

Just a short note

i cannot get the registration for to return so will you please accept this note 
a my registration for ;

2 for the cealidh on Saturday night
1 (Kevin for the golf)

If this is not ok please let me know but for your records ;

Jennifer Carr
148 Holly Road
GU12 4SG

IOU 40 for the caelidh tickets which I will settle when we arrive on the Friday.

Best wishes


PS hope that all is well and looking forward to meeting you - now just hunting for somewhere to stay!!!!!

From: David Wrede <davidwrede@hotmail.com>
To: <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>
Subject: Re: registration confirmation
Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2000 3:06 PM

Dear David, thanks for your note. I am sorry to be a pain but my future 
wife's name is spelt (& pronounced) ORLA (Irish) not Ola and I am C. D. H. 
Wrede (af Elima) or just David Wrede, Look forward to hearing from you soon, 
Best wishes, David.

>From: David Duffus <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>
>To: davidwrede@hotmail.com
>Subject: registration confirmation
>Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 22:44:28 -0500
>Will try to answer your letter this weekend!

Subject: Gathering attendees and Ceilidh registration
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 11:44:52 -0800
From: "Chris Duffus" <chrisd@i2estrategy.com>
To: <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>
Dear David:
I just wanted to inform you that myself, my wife, Pamela Duffus, my brother,
Kevin Duffus, his wife, Lisa Duffus, and my mother, Kathleen Duffus, will
all be attending the gathering.
I have sent along the registration form (plus payment) for the Ceilidh by
snail mail in which I indicate that all five of us wish to attend, so please
add us to the list.
For your information, Kevin and I are the sons of Donald Duffus, who is the
brother of Gordon Duffus from Chester, VA.
I also just wanted to send along my thanks for your efforts on both the
website and with this gathering.  It is with great anticipation that I await
what I believe will be a special event that will be remembered fondly for
all my years.
Thanks again.
Chris Duffus
i2e Strategy, Inc.
Subject: RE: Duffus Reunion
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 15:49:53 -0000
From: Andrew Duffus <Andrew.Duffus@west-dunbarton.gov.uk>
To: davidduffus <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>
Hi David,
I thought that I would update you on my news. I have great news and I have
not so great news, the great news is that my wife Jan is pregnant (our
first), the not so great news is Jan is due on 5th July 2000. Therefore we
will not be able to join you for the Duffus reunion.
My wife and I are heading North for a few days holiday in the middle of
April 2000 and we intend to visit Duffus & Duffus castle then. Have a great
time in July.
Take care
Andy Duffus-

12 Perryman Green
Middlesborough, England T58 0BX

3rd April 2000

Dear David,

Re: Duffus Reunion 2000

I refer to correspondence we had last year (your letter of 7th September) and regret to not having heard anything further. Could you please indicate if your proposals for any get together at Duffus between 29th June and 2nd July have materialised. We are still interested if anything has been planned.

I look forward to an early reply and if applicable a timetable of planned events.

Yours sincerely,

John L. Duffus


Inside Story
Suite 318, The Mews

P.O. Box 52419
Saxonwold 2132
South Africa

FAX no.: 091 252 551 3080

FAX:  to David Duffus

FROM: Bill Duffus

18 April 2000

Dear David,

I am referring to your letter dated 11 May 1999. This had inadvertently been filed away at our Guild Office. My apologies for the delay in replying.

I had, however, heard about the gathering from cousins in Scotland. I was on a short visit to St. Andrews, Scotland late in March for my parents 60th wedding anniversary. My cousins are in fact having a family get together in Moray at Easter. They mainly live in the Elgin area and I think the venue is Duffus Hall.

I am keen to attend the Duffus Castle Gathering on 1st July but I have previous commitments in South Africa, namely the Grahamstown Arts Festival which is a business trip for me.

Did you source many Duffuses in South Africa? I am aware of a few although none are related to me. I am an immigrant to S.A. in 1974. If I can be of help, please contact me.

I am aware of two brothers both photographers from Scotland who founded the first photographic society her in the 1890's. I plan to visit Museum Afrika to get information on this which will be passed on to you. Having seen a photograph of these brothers I reckon they could be distant relatives on mine.

My email address is "insidestory@zanet.co.za". Please let me have your email address.

I shall visit the website soon.


Bill Duffus


18 Beverly Crescent
Woodford Green
Essex IG8 9DD
United Kingdom

18 April 2000

Dear David,

Please find enclosed my registration form for the Reunion. We all look forward to the Reunion and to meeting you.

I will pay for the Ceilidh when I see you, as it will be easier than you having to convert British cheques.

All the best and thanks for your updates and your organization.

All the best,

Gordon J. Duffus


12 Pennyman Green
England T58 0BX

3rd May 2000

Dear David,

                Re; Duffus 2000 Reunion

I am now enclosing my registration form for the reunion at Duffus Castle. We shall be unable to arrive until the evening of June 29th and so will join you on the morning of 30th June. Please note we wish to play golf on the Friday. Can you confirm that there is the demand for this activity in which case we will bring our clubs with us.

Regarding the ceilidh I will pay you when we see you.

Looking forward to this Reunion which weather permitting will I am sure will be a great success.


John L. Duffus


Subject: Duffus 2000 Registration Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 12:06:24 +0100 From: "Bill Rail" Organization: Calamansack To: Just to let you know that today I posted my registration form for seven people together with a stirling cheque for 80 to cover four of us who wish to attend the Ceiliidh on the Saturday. Kind regards Angela Rail 
Denia, Alicante, Spain



Angela Rail
Apartdo de Correos 550
03700 Denia
Alicante, Spain
tel: +34 96 642 2731
fax: +34 96 578 3596
email: billrail@mercuryin.es

May 11, 2000

Dear David,

I now confirm that my party will consist of my husband, Bill Rail; my sons Jonathan and david Rial; their partners Ruth Starvis and Sandra Bennett, and my grandaughter Ione Alexander Rail (aged 1 1/2)

We are all looking forward enormously to an exciting few days.

I enclose my completed registration from together with a cheque for 80 pounds to cover the cost of four of us attending the Ceilidh on Saturday evening.,

Yours sincerely,

Angela Rail


Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 13:21:52 +0100
From: "s.duffus" <s.duffus@ic24.net>
To: "davidduffus" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>


Please find attached the our registration for the Duffus Reunion. There is six in the party Julie myself and and our children Iain and Lauren and my Mother and Father. We will be arriving on the overnight sleeper train arriving in Inverness at 08:37 connecting train to Elgin arrives 09:25 on the 29 June. We will make our way to Duffus Castle for the bus trip.






Subject: picture
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 21:06:31 EDT
From: JDUFFUSW@aol.com
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com

Dear David,

 I'm getting some pictures together for you including Nancy and me visiting our son Dick on 1/1/2000. I'll be bringing some genealogical lists and articles and more pictures to the reunion. We are taking a limo from 
Glasgow to Elgin and then on to Edinburgh. Where did I find the info on who's who and the medals on my GU's? Don't forget you still haven't corrected my name on the family tree submittal from Wise to Weiss. We'll be looking forward to meeting next month in Elgin @ dinner. Regards Jack 


Subject: registration
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 09:42:39 +0100
From: "Eric Wargo" <Ewargo@btinternet.com>
To: <davidduffus@greevillenc.com>

Dear David,

I wanted to let you know that my parents, my husband and I will definitely be attending the Ceilidh on Saturday, 1 July. I am mailing the official registration form from Glasgow, but wanted to get our names in before it filled up. Also, if I may pay the 80 pounds fee that day, that would be easier. Thanks so much---and I look forward to meeting you!


Melissa Duffes (travelling with Eric Wargo, James Kenneth Duffes, and Annella Duffes)


Subject: ceilidh attire
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 23:32:01 EDT
From: DMarvin416@aol.com
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com

Hi could you please clear up some confusion for us. We are discussing the 
attire for the ceilidh and some say it is "black tie" while others say more 
casual. Dresses required for women? Or a slacks acceptable? Thanks doreen


Subject: Re: ceilidh attire
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 11:21:45 +0100
From: "Innes Duffus" <duffus@clara.co.uk>
To: <DMarvin416@aol.com>
CC: "Harry Duffus" <harry.duffus@newport57.fsnet.co.uk>, "David Duffus" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>


David has passed your message to me for a reply. A Ceilidh in its original meaning is a group of people gathered together, very often purely by chance, who socialise and drink ( very important) together. They entertain one another by song, poem, story and good company. Nowadays, apart from in the sparsely populated parts, the entertainment is more often pre-arranged, as in this case. Cousin George has arranged an excellent evening of entertainment. In the spirit of a Ceilidh, the dress is fairly casual. Both men and women
should come in whatever form of dress they find comfortable. It may well be that the ladies will want to dress up a little, but that is far from necessary, especially after a longish day at the castle. Come as you wish, you can wear the skirt you are happiest with and your wife can happily wear the trousers. Why change the habits of a lifetime.



Subject: Re: Dress for ceilidh, volunteers needed, confirm for Dunrobin
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 22:33:30 EDT
From: BPrice0709@aol.com
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com


I volunteer to help with the registration desk whenever you need someone on Friday or Saturday. We will be arriving Thursday evening.

Jan Price
Buffalo Grove, IL


Subject: Re: Dress for ceilidh, volunteers needed, confirm for Dunrobin
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 22:46:49 EDT
From: BPrice0709@aol.com
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com

David - I volunteer my husband also. He doesn't know about it yet, but I am sure that he also would enjoy helping.

Jan Price


Subject: Re: Dress for ceilidh, volunteers needed, confirm for Dunrobin
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 19:50:06 +0100
From: "Steve" <s.duffus@cwcom.net>
To: "David Duffus" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>


I am happy to help with registration on the Friday.




Subject: RE: Dress for ceilidh, volunteers needed, confirm for Dunrobin
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 21:04:54 -0700
From: "Chris Duffus" <chrisd@i2estrategy.com>
To: "David Duffus" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>


Do you know if Dunrobin Castle is open for tours on Sundays. I've been trying to use the net to find out, but have not had any luck.


Chris Duffus

-----Original Message-----
From: David Duffus [mailto:davidduffus@greenvillenc.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2000 5:09 PM
Subject: Dress for ceilidh, volunteers needed, confirm for Dunrobin

Dear fellow Duffus, 

This email is being sent to everyone on my mailing list but directed to those who plan to attend Duffus 2000. 

1. George Duffus has advised me that Lord Strathnaver would like an idea of the number of people who will be
visiting Dunrobin Castle on Monday, July 2nd. If you or anyone in your party plan on attending, please let
me know. 

2. I will need volunteers to staff the registration desk Thursday, Friday and Saturday and hand out name tags. I
probably need an hour of your time before any scheduled events and in the evening. Please let me know if
anyone in your party is interested in helping. 

3. I had an email concerning the attire for the ceilidh Saturday evening. I asked Innes Duffus to respond.
Here's his response: 

Subject: Re: ceilidh attire 
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 11:21:45 +0100 
From: "Innes Duffus" <duffus@clara.co.uk> 
To: <DMarvin416@aol.com> 
CC: "Harry Duffus" <harry.duffus@newport57.fsnet.co.uk>, "David Duffus" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com> 


David has passed your message to me for a reply. A Ceilidh in its original meaning is a group of people gathered together,  very often purely by chance, who socialise and drink ( very important) together. They entertain one another by song, poem, story and good company. Nowadays, apart from in the sparsely populated parts, the entertainment is more often pre-arranged, as in this case. Cousin George has arranged an excellent evening of entertainment. In the spirit of a Ceilidh, the dress is fairly casual. Both men and women should come in whatever form of dress they find comfortable. It may well be that the ladies will want to dress up a little, but that is far from necessary, especially after a longish day at the castle. Come as you wish, you can wear the skirt you are happiest with and your wife can happily wear the trousers. Why change the habits of a lifetime. 



Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 17:52:54 +0100
From: "JACK LE BRECHT" <jack.lebrecht@lineone.net>
To: "davidduffus <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Dear David,

If you still need help I would be very happy to assist on Thursday evening and Saturday morning. The good news this end is that Beryl will be able to join us with Philip. They have found someone to look after all their
animals. What about First Aid on Saturday ? Shall I bring our First Aid Box ?( in case ) !!! 

Regards Diana


Re: Dress for ceilidh, volunteers needed, confirm for Dunrobin
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 20:26:49 +0100
From: "Jim Duffus" <jim@duffus72.freeserve.co.uk>
To: "David Duffus" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Dear David - Many thanks for your e-mail. In reply to your questions (1) Judy and I will not be going to Dunrobin Castle (2) Yes - I would be pleased to give assistance (othewise you will be rushing around like a mad thing). I wouldn't mind helping out at the first registration desk on Thursday; I suppose it's an early start but we are staying only about 6 miles away at Alves. Also, would help out at anything else. 

Looking forward to a great event. Jim. 


Subject: Duffus Family Reunion
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 16:24:18 EDT
From: Josephduffus@aol.com
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com

Dear David,

My name is Joe Duffus. I just happened upon your site. what a terrific job you have done!! I regret that my family and I will not be able to attend the reunion. We had three generations of of our Duffus clan there in the summer of 1997. It was one of the most memorable trips of my life. If I had known earlier, we would definetely attend, Would you please add me to your e-mail list? Any updates on future reunions or news on the success of the reunion in June would be great.

Ironically, I had a former employee from Greeville. She was one of the few who pronounced my name correctly on the first try!! Apparently the Duffus name carries some clout in Greenville.

Good luck with the reunion, I wish I could be there. The following is my information for your records:

Joe Duffus
755 Applewood La
Great Falls VA 22066
703-926-2809 (cell)
703-759-7995 (home)


Subject: Re: Dress for ceilidh, volunteers needed, confirm for Dunrobin
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 15:23:51 +0100
From: "Innes Duffus" <duffus@clara.co.uk>
To: "David Duffus" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>


There will be three from my party for the visit to Dunrobin. By reputation this will be one of the highlights of the gathering, as all the books claim it to be one of the family seats most worth a visit.

I am sorry that I will not be available to help with the registration as we are not able to join you until the Saturday.I am still trying to do something about the whisky bottles, but am having trouble finding a bottler to help. Glenfiddich themselves do not do that sort of thing.

Can I have the address where you will be staying in Moray before you come please, in case there is anything that you may need me for? I will be staying at the Royal Hotel, Station Road Elgin along with Harry and George's family My mobile 'phone number is 07801 981988 should you need it.



Subject: Duffus 2000 reunion
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 15:22:12 +0100
From: w.duffus@talk21.com
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com


My name is William George Duffus (born 22.12.75.) I, along with my wife Paula and son Liam, would like to attend the Duffus reunion. I hope to meet other Duffuses who might be related . My father is William George Duffus(born 23.09.50.) and my grandfather is George Duffus ( born 12. 08. 2?.) .I am also told that his father was called William Duffus. I have been to Duffus and the castle once before but hope to learn about my family past. I currently live in Wick, Caithness .my family , as far as I know, are not related to the Caithness Duffuses (we moved from Inverness). We have family in Tain, Invergordon, Ardisear. 

Yours Willie Duffus

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Letter from Sir Archibald Dunbar

The Old Manse
Duffus, Elgin
IV30 5QD
Telephone: Hopeman 01343 -830 270

08 June 2000
J. David Duffus, Jr.

                            Duffus Gathering - July 1st - Duffus Castle

Dear David,

Thank you for your letter of June 1st. I can confirm that I shall be able to attend at Duffus Castle at 10:00 a.m. on July 1st and shall look forward to meeting you and the Clan Duffus.

My wife and I would be pleased to accept your invitation to the Ceilidh at Duffus Village hall on the evening of July 1st.

With all good wishes,

                                            Yours sincerely,

                                             Sir Archie Dunbar


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