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   Subject:  Lord Duffus or Lordship of Duffus
   Date:  Sun, 10 May 1998 13:39:00 +0930
   From:  Anne Miller <>
     To:   "''"

Dear Mr, Duffus,

Please will you send me information on both of the above Titles and also explain   the difference between them.

Two years ago my friend known as 7th.Lord Duffus died.  This title I understand as a peerage. Is it?

Two weeks ago his sister informed me that as none of the male members of her family want the title, she had it made over to her so that it remains in the family and will not therefore be sold. She is now the legal 7th. Lady of Duff. This I believe not to be a peerage but a landed Title. Is that so?

I understand that only Landed Titles can be sold, and that the Title of Lord Duffus can only be passed  by blood, and only to male heirs, if so why should she worry about the possibility of it being sold.?

She said this Title has been in the family for 300 years.

My question - Are there 2 separate Titles and if so which one is this and would her brother have held both of them during his lifetime?

If I am wrong, and I can be, if her brother was 7th. Lord Duffus, how can she be 7th. Lady of Duff. Surely there is some error present. I have congratulated her upon attaining the Title, but did not ask her to explain because  I did not want to spoil her pleasure.

I have been a friend of the family for many years, but have never questioned this, but now I am confused.

I would appreciate your assistance in my understanding of this.

Thanking you in anticipation,     AM

Subject:   Re: Duffus e-mail
   Date:   Sun, 19 Apr 1998 14:03:20 EDT
   From:  WowieP <>

   WOW! The Duffus Website is just wonderful!
I can't begin to imagine the time and work that went into creating it. You deserve an award for it!
   I have been a bit preoccupied lately, so I haven't been 'into' our genealogy very much. In fact, I moved all of my family files into the basement, to make room for my 'cancer' files. I had a successful lumpectomy on March 16th,and will start aggressive chemo next week. I can't wait! Breast
cancer has changed my life, and for the better, I might add. I am very positive about the chemo, though not looking forward to being bald, but if that is the price I have to pay, so be it.
   The Duffus Website is truely a sight to behold! I sent it on to my sister Stephanie to enjoy. Thank you again...

Subject:   Re: The Duffus Sunday Evening News
   Date:  Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:34:23 +0100
   From: "John Duffus" <>
     To:  davidduffus <>

Dear David

Thanks again for your emails and all your work.

I shall send you a paragraph about Anna when she gives me one.

I look forward to visiting the website again soon.

As always I am fairly busy myself. The Korea visit at the end of February went well. I leave for Germany on Friday, then to Vietnam and Indonesia to teach two courses, one for
executive management (Vietnam) and one for people in he field (Indonesia).

Best wishes.


Subject: re: site"
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 16:01:27 +1100
From: "margaret wareing" <>
To: "david duffus" <>

Hello David,I have just checked the email and found your message about Duffus site and went and checked it out.It is incredible how you have set this up and I was very impressed with it.Congratulations on a project well
done after ten years.I could imagine your satisfaction in completing this task.

I rang Barry and Arlene and told them and arrangements have been made to come and have a look at the site next week so they are looking forward to that.I will let you know what they think about it or maybe you could contact us through the pal excite thing or talk to Arlene on the phone when they come or over the keyboard again anyway think about it .well I must go it is so hot here today we are just into our autumn weather and it is about 40 cels. here.I don't think it will ever cool down.Once again well done on the "duffus page"

best regards Maggie!!

Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 13:29:22 -0500
From: Gordon Douglas Duffus <>

Received this today & am passing it on to you as the appropriate recipient....

Ken Burch wrote:

"Dear Sir,

I am writing to you following a visit I made to the Duffus Inn, Moray, Scotland last month, where I was given a copy of the history of Duffus which I am led to believe you compiled.

I am currently researching my family history and I have reason to believe that I am probably descended from James Sutherland (5th Lord Duffus) who died on 30th June 1826. Any information you have about this gentleman would be greatly appreciated.

I am using a friend's E-mail address ( but you may care to note my postal address as RHOSCWM, BUILTH WELLS, POWYS, WALES, LD2
3PT - Telephone No. 01982 553215.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Derek Colville."

Subject: wedding update
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 11:08:55 -0800
From: " Duffus" <>
To: <>

Dear David:

Thanks very much for all the work you have done and the several e-mail items you have sent in recent months. I don't think I informed you of an addendum to my family tree, i.e. my younger son James Malcolm Stuart Duffus recently married Kathleen Patrice Dolezal. They had a rather nice wedding in Chicago, and are now living and working dinks in San Jose.

My older son, Robert John Duffus, has completed his MBA and will be going to Edinburgh to attend the graduation at Heriot Watt university this summer. I hope he will meet your relative, John Duffus of Grange, (Toxic John) while there.

Hope el Nino has not been too rough on your weather this winter. We have had a nearly snowless one, which is a great improvement over last winter when we had a blizzard which knocked down a couple of my outbuildings and bent the house roof. Spent a fine family summer re-building a barn....great for male bonding. The cherry blossoms are nearly over and the daffodils just about to come on.

There is a bit of national humour which goes...."as American as apple pie", "as Canadian as possible under the existing circumstances" I can hope your health is as good as possible under the existing circumstances, and your family is flourishing.

Regards, John

Subject: Fw:
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 22:27:06 +1000
From: "margaret wareing" <>
To: "david duffus" <>

David here is the holiday coast attachment I sent you before when your computer crashed so we will try again also Arlene Duffus And Barry's mother are coming here on Saturday at about  11.00am to look at the duffus site if you wanted to speak with them.Will be in touch with you later bye have a nice Easter break with your family
Maggie .....
> From: margaret wareing <>
> To: david duffus <>
> Subject: Fw:
> Date: Saturday, March 21, 1998 1:29 PM
> David sorry about your computer crashing I do not know if you received this holiday coast thing I sent you about where Barry lives but here it is again to check out and listen to our kookaburras singing in the morning just click on the kookaburras hope you like it and will be in contact with you soon.

Subject: Is my time up yet?
Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 11:31:35 -0400
From: Gordon Douglas Duffus <>

Great job on the additions to your web site. I've sent the address to a number of Scottish sites for inclusion into their links. Hope you don't mind.

I also like the fact that you've revived the Sunday News.

If you don't mind  here are the final additions to my family tree which will bring it totally up to date:

1. For Marilyn Joan Duffus (my sister): Marilyn Joan Duffus Born: 1 August, 1953 NYC, NY married 14 February, 1994 to: Guy Gabriel Yowell (b: 24 March, 1957)

2. For Robert Louis Duffus (my oldest son): married: 18 October, 1991 to: Pamela Ann Hendrix (b: 29 September, 1967)

Thanks David. I can now stop treating the web site as if it were my own. I'll just relax & see what else you come up with.


From: Gordon Douglas Duffus
Subject:Re: Lord Duffus or Lordship of Duffus

Dear Ms. Miller,

The following was passed on to me by David Duffus... in the apparently mistaken view that I might be of some assistance to you. My knowledge of the Lords of Duffus ended with the loss of the title after The '15 Rebellion (1715) when Kenneth Sutherland, 3rd Lord Duffus was attainted for treason againgst the Crown. My understanding, after that period, is that the tile was restored to a member of the Sutherland family when he married a Dunbar (who then owned the Lands of Duffus) & changed his name to Dunbar-Sutherland... or Sutherland-Dunbar.... or some such. I believe that the title still rests with the Dunbars but the arms have drastically changed. Regarding your question concerning Lord vs Lordship: The LORD of Duffus was a person... The Lordship was the area over which that person was Lord. Reference Peerage vs Landed Title? I have no idea what to tell you. I am, after all, American born & titles & such don't impress me that much. I never spent much time studying that subject. My family comes from farmers in the Duffus/Elgin section of Scotland. The closest they may have gotten to the Lords might have been if they dropped off some produce at Duffus Castle or Duffus House & accidentally bumped into one of the Sutherlands. The title of Lord of Duffus (in the written records) started with Freskin de Moravia (progenitor of the Sutherlands & Murrays). The lands left that family due to heiresses but was brought back into the fold when a Sutherland eventually married another heiress who held the land. In the early 1700's, the lands of Duffus were heavily mortgaged to Dunbar of Thunderton who foreclosed when payment on his debt was not forthcoming. To my knowledge, the Dunbars still hold some of that ground & are considered as Lairds of Duffus. Whether they are also LORDS of Duffus, I don't know. Either way, they are NOT of the 'Family of Duffus' & are therefore of little concern to me. We were there before there were Sutherland/Dunbar Lords & we'll probably be there when they're gone. Sorry that I couldn't be more help to you on this subject. I suggest that you make contact with the Dunbars as they might be more able to assist you in varifying your friends' claims. Also, Davids' advice regarding checking his web page (& the Lords of Duffus section) is good advice.


Subject: Fellow Duffus'
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 13:42:24 +0000

Hello David, My name is Drew Duffus. I'm taking an information  technology course up in Halifax, N.S. I was looking through some  Duffus sites and came up with your e-mail address. -see ya later!

Tue Apr 21 03:53:01 1998
To: "davidduffus"
Subject: family news

Dear David,

We enjoyed the video, thank you very much for sending it, it is still a miracle to me that one can send moving pictures through the air into our home ! We are working on the family tree, there will be a short pause as Jack and I are off to Norway next week till the middle of May. Some advice please, do you put your pictures onto a CD Rom then input ? Henry our youngest son ) who has just returned to university says we can buy special software to help give a professioal look. I will investigate. Best Wishes Diana

Subject: Re: [Fwd: cousin Duffus]
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 10:55:00 EDT

Thanks so much for your early contact. Yes I am Norman Weiss' adopted son. I presume you have my actual father Gammon David Guinn listed. I was born Gammon Duffus Guinn and my mother was Mary Stairs Duffus. John Wiseman Duffus was my Grandfather born in Halifax, I do have a cousin John Allan Duffus living in El Paso that I am very close to, we were practically raised together. All my 4400 ancestors are in the computer using PAF software. What is the best way to provide you w/ the data. At least, all I have on the Duffus'? I'm looking forward to seeing how far you go back w/ the line you received from Graeme.

Best Regards cousin Jack

Subject: Sutherland
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 00:23:17 -0700
From: "James Sutherland" <>
To: <>

Thought you might like to see this

From James Sutherland

sutherland.jpg (20407 bytes)


Your site is indeed worthy of the awards. I love the quality of the photos on your home page - I found it a bit of a visual shock to go to the genealogy pages after the black background.

Your site would have taken a considerable amount of research and plain hard work to have got it to the stage it is at and you are to be congratulated on the manner in which you acknowledge your sources of information. It is great to see that citing references has started to appear on web pages.

I have attached the two awards for your use on your web page, please put a link back to my site.
Jenny Brandis
Meekatharra, Western Australia
email []

Genealogy, the armchair hobby?
includes the Australian and New Zealand Genealogical Links Galore

Date: Thu, 28 May 1998

Dear David,

Greetings from another Duffus, this time one based in Hong Kong. I was browsing the web and came across your page. You may already have heard from my brother Dr Peter Duffus who lives in Aberdeen in Scotland. Indeed, I have a feeling that somewhere in the past I have may met you. My father was Dr Rae Duffus (George MacNaughton Rae Duffus) of Fountainhall Road in Aberdeen, my mother Marjorie Duffus (nee Third). Both had a friend in the US named Duffus who corresponded occasionally and who had been drawing up a Duffus tree. Rae's family came from Auchenblae in Kincardineshire. I am ashamed to say that I cannot now recall the name of my grandfather but I have a photo at home of the gravesite and can easily find it if it should be of interest. Peter has more detailed knowledge of the family back at least three generations. I have been here in Asia for over 19 years, for the most part in Hong Kong. I have no children and so this part of the line may end with me - although time will tell! I do not have E mail at home yet but am hooked up at the office, and so you could get me at this address if there is anything more you wanted to know. Best wishes John Duffus -


Subject: duffus
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 16:33:34 EDT

Dear David

I have just finished reading your information on Duffus -Sept of Clan
Sutherland and it has greatly excited me.

I am a Duffus from Dundee although I have lived in England since 1971.

I know very little of my family for reasons which I will explain.

I was born in Dundee in 1954, the eldest of two daughters of Ronald Carnegie Duffus. Sadly my father died a couple of months short of my 10th birthday in 1964 and I never knew anything of his family. My sister is Mary Elizabeth and was born in 1957. Both my fathers parents were already dead and my mother was not wonderful at keeping in touch with any members of my father’s family.

However, I have, like most people, become curious and interested in knowing who made me the way I am, although whether that is to be commended or not I will leave others to decide!!!!!.

Anyway when I read your personal dedication, it made we wonder if you could be a member of my long lost father’s family.

I have done a little research, as much as time and distance allows and I will fill you in with the details.

As I said my father was Ronald Carnegie Duffus and he was born in 1908. He was the second son of William Leighton Duffus (I wont fill in all the dates but if you would like them, please let me know). His elder brother who I understand was born on board a ship in 1898 on route to America was William Edwin Duffus, where my grandfather visited regularly and subsequently went to work for a couple of years (Chicago I believe). My grandmother was called Mary Jane Carnegie.

My grandfather was one of 4 children but appears to have been the only one to survive. He had a brother George, who died aged 31 and two sister Mary and Anne who both died as infants.

My great grandparents were George Duffus and Ann Leighton who married in 1866 and were the parents of the above.

This is where I started to wonder if ours were the same family as we have
almost without break, been born in Dundee and there do not appear to have been very many Duffus’s born in Dundee and the father of George Duffus is John Duffus who was born in Dundee in 1799 and married Elizabeth Whitton in1837.

It seems to be an amazing coincidence that we both have a ggg grandfather called John who was born in Dundee at around the same time.

Could it be that my gg grandfather George and your gg grandfather John were brothers.

I would also be grateful for any information you could give me as it is
difficult to trace without any family records to help.

By the way, I got a lot of my information from the family grave at the Eastern Cemetery in Dundee, which my grandfather erected for my grandmother and included the other members of his family.

I hope that you can find the time to respond and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours hopefully
Jennifer Carr (nee Duffus)

Subject: Family Tree
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 15:05:39 +0800
From: John Duffus <JoD@HKTA.ORG>

Dear David

I am off to Europe on Friday. Checking through my "things to do" I noticed I had never sent your the family tree of our part of the family. As I mentioned earlier, my brother Peter has this. He faxed it to me, and has not yet responding to my request that he E mail it so I can get it more easily to you. In fact, I think there are at least two errors in it and so perhaps I ought to get it properly checked before sending it on.

You also asked about Hong Kong. The elections went well with a record turnout. It is true we do not have full democracy, but that is Britain's fault and not China's. Britain had over a century and a half to build democratic institutions and values, and did absolutely nothing about it until just over 10 years ago. Our constitution allows for a gradual build up to full democracy - infinitely preferable to a sudden burst when people are still not quite sure what democracy is and how important it is.

And I genuinely believe that is what most people here want. There are one or two strident voices in the democratic camp who have a knack of getting the spotlight and thundering out prophecies of doom and gloom. But they represent only a tiny minority.

Other problems have been much more prominent of late. The entire region is in an economic quagmire with economies and currencies crashing through the floor. Ironically, Hong Kong's dollar is the only one in the region to have been stable for years, because ours is pegged totally to the US$. Unfortunately, though, this means that Hong Kong is now much more expensive and our own economy is now in recession. Yesterday's massacre of the markets around the world does not augur well for the next year. We are all hoping Japan will get its act together and start spending more. But Japan moves at a snail's pace and so I am not optimistic.

I stop in Thailand on my way to Europe. The Thai currency is down over 40% against the US$ and everything is now incredibly cheap. I buy all my air tickets there, as well as my books, clothes and lots of other things as well.

Must off to a meeting.

Best wishes


Subject: Family Tree
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 18:05:57 EDT

To David Duffus - I have recently hooked up and have read with great interest your web page on the Duffus clan. I send you my Family tree (I hope) and would be very pleased if you could throw further light on my early ancestors. Maybe the Scottish Church records might well do this but I havn't got round to sorting out all the Duffus's. I did not know
there were so many! This autumn we intend going to Scotland to see this Duffus castle which my father always talked about and which you have comprehensively documented in your Web page. Regards Jim Duffus, Church House, Great Elm, Frome, Somerset BA11 3NZ.

Subject: thanks for the note
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 09:14:11 -0400
From: Megan Duffus <>
Organization: Ohio University
To: David Duffus <>

I'm shocked that you found my home page...and I confess that I'm just abeginner with making them. The Duffus page looks great, I forwarded it to my family. My father is James Duffus III, and he and my mom live in Fairfax, VA. We go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina every summer,
and one year he saw an ad on TV for a lawyer named David Duffus. Was that you? If so, I think he called and spoke to you.

I'm very impressed with your brother Kevin's accomplishments as a producer, I hope to follow the same kind of career path.

I wish your daughter the best of luck in school. As you probably saw on my page, I'm currently in a Master's program in Journalism at Ohio University. I'm taking classes all summer, and plan to finish my thesis by the end of the year. I admit it's a little creepy to know there's another Megan Duffus in the world...


Subject: family tree
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 17:28:01 +0100
From: "Jack Le-Brecht" <>
Reply-To: "Jack Le-Brecht" <>
To: "davidduffus" <>

Dear David,

Many thanks for your last message. Apologies for the delay in
sending information. We had a fantastic holiday in Norway, beautiful sceneryand a most interesting group of fellow passengers. Now I am home, sorted out the garden, and helped Henry ( Just finishing his first year at University ) pack up goods & chattels for the long vacation. Have you done the College Run yet ? We filled 2 cars full of belongings !! The washing machine has not stopped since our arrival home. Anyway to more important matters. Henry now has a Digital camera which can take copies of some of the old photographs. Will try & get it all together to send later this week.

Jim Duffus & his wife Judy are coming up next weekend from Somerset. Did you receive a family tree from him.? We have a mutual ancestor. Uncle Jack was very pleased to talk to you. Uncle Herbert ( Jamaica aged nearly 90 ) has just given him a very severe lecture because he
( aged 77 ) has recently reduced his working week to 3 days/ week as a lawyer. !!!

Kindest Regards Diana

Subject: New Clan Sutherland Website!
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 10:07:43 -0400
From: "Sedlon, Anna" <>


The new Clan Sutherland site can be found at:

There are a few features that don't seem to translate on other PCs.
Celtic fonts, for instance - I was afraid of that! Ah well, practice
makes perfect.


Subject: RE:
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 13:57:28 -0400
From: "Duffus, Dr. Lee" <>
To: "'davidduffus'" <>

It has been a long time. Hope life treats you well. Attached is a rather
long academic vita. I will send you some family information this weekend.

Subject: reply
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 11:26:10 +0000

I received your e-mail, thanks. I told my grandmother (Helen Duffus)
about your site, she is quite excited to see it the next time I

            Drew Duffus


Harry Duffus letter

                                                29 Kinbrae Pk Gardens
                                                Newport-on-Tay, Fife DD6 8JX
                                                14 July '98

Dear David,

Thanks for the return of the Royal Scottish Tree - if you do a print out
can I have a copy?

The other information was interesting. Do you remember me telling you
that my father had a brother who was jilted and went to off Australia
and never wrote again & was "lost" somewhere in the gold fields.

Years ago some friends in Australia sent a page of Cricket News, the
Arthur Louis Duffus asking if he was related to me. I remember the photo of Louis in the paper was my father's double. I wrote sending a passport of my dad saying "there was surely a connection." I got a letter back - saying in a few words there was no connection. I felt I got the brush off. That was over 20 years ago and here I see in your "Duffus Authors" the very chap I wrote to Louis George Duffus of Australia. So by any chance did you get his family tree, for it may prove or disprove whether he was a son or grandson of my missing relative Tom.

George has just been made the chairman of a new "Discovery Radio
Station" in Dundee. It will be open in about six months. His daughter Lynne is now a radio presenter with Classic FM in the London area.

Alan's motorcycle business is still doing well - only the Glascow shop,
dragging its feet.

I go for a "water works" scan on the 21st - so fingers crossed for me.

No word yet of having my cataracts removed - (I need a rebush and a
rebore) only kidding.



P.S. Hope to see you in October but remember I'm still on holiday 10 -
24th Oct.

Subject: The Jamaican Connection
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 00:33:26 +0100
From: "Jack Le-Brecht" <>
To: "davidduffus" <>

Dear David,

At last, some details about our family. I have not used a special programe. Let us pray that some of it will make sense !!!

We are descended from the Rev William Duffus of Boharm nr Rothes. He married Jannet Berber. I have searched the Scottish Records but have been unable to confirm which William Duffus he was. William appears to have been a very popular name in the 18th century. I believe that the Rev,s parents may have been Peter Duffus ( C1738 in Boharm ) mother Isabell Dallachie. As you say the only way we shall be able to sort it out is to visit the area looking for gravestones and other local records. Uncle Herbert saw some of these graves when he visited the area in 1954. Herbert says he found the house they lived in.

So :- William Duffus m Jannet Berber.Their son William b 1796 in Boharm Co Elgin m Ann Stronach 1829. They were our great great grandparents. They had 7 children Margaret b 1831, James b1834, William b1836, Anne b 1839 Janet b 1841, George b 1844, Alexander b 1846. Now Jim and I have worked out all their descendents but I shall have to send that to you another way , its too clumsy by E-mail. Jim and his family are descended from William Duffus ( 3rd child b in 1846 ). George born in 1844 is my great grandfather.

George trained as an engineer in Glasgow. He travelled to Jamaica about 1870 to look for a cousin who was a plantation owner. Unfortunately the cousin was drowned with his wife and 3 children while escaping from the Morant Bay Rebellion in 1865. They are buried in Bath churchyard, St Thomas in the Eastern end of the island. There is no doubt that a Duffus did have a plantation and was a slave owner in the late 1700's and the early part of the 19th century. I have not been able to find a definate connection to our branch. To do this we need to visit Jamaica to search the records. It is of interest to note that the drowned cousin was married 3 times. My uncle thinks that one of the children from the first marriage went to New Zealand as a young man. As a very small boy Uncle Herbert was taken to meet a grandson of the drowned person who was on holiday in Jamaica, He was a Catholic priest in Barbados. All Herbert remembers is that he had a very red beard !!

Although George did not have any luck with meeting up with relatives, he did fall in love and in 1872 married Elizabeth Ramson. They had only one child my grandfather b 1875 William Alexander d 1963. Many of the letters from George to Elizabeth have survived . He always ended them saying " I am yours till the end of time " George was kept very busy working as an engineer. They were able to settle on a property near Montago Bay. He always kept in touch with his family in Scotland, some of their letters have also survived,he died in 1915. My grandfather was a Civil Servant, most of his life being spent working for the Legal Dept. He married Emily Holwell in 1907 in Kingston. They had 3 children. Herbert b 1808, William 1911 and John Jack ) in 1921. All 3 boys trained as lawyers. Both Herbert and William had distinguished careers in the Colonial Legal Service. Herbert married Elsie Hollinsed in 1939, they do not have any children. Jack is unmarried. He still practices as a lawyer in the Bahamas where he has lived for the last 30 years. William married Helen Hollinsed in 1938 ( Elsie's younger sister !! ). They had 3 children all born in Jamaica. Diana b 1940, Philip b 1943 and John b 1945. Sadly William died in 1981. At his death he was still on the Court of Appeal for Bermuda, The Bahamas and Belize.

William and his family left Jamaica in 1948, he for further legal training in London prior to taking up a new appointment in Nigeria. The children to start school !! They bought a house in Cambridgeshire for their holidays making England their home. In the future Jamaica was visited only for the long summer leaves. Diana trained as a Nurse/ Midwife having a most interesting career delivering over 500 babies. !! Sadly she had to take early retirement last year as a result of an accident, m Jack Le Brecht in 1971, one son Henry b 1977. Philip always wanted to be a Veterinary surgeon. He m. Beryl Horgarth in 1969. They have 2 daughters Julie b 1975 and Phillip b.1985. John trained in Hotel Management. He m Judith Mead in 1969. They have 2 children Nicola b 1972 Benjamin b 1974. John and family have lived in Toronto since 1977.

I hope that the above will be of some interest, there is still much to dicover, the early Duffus's in Jamaica and their connection to our branch plus the early history in Scotland. I am also sending 2 photos 1 of George Duffus the other a recent picture of my aunt and uncle in Jamaica plus Philip's CV for the Academic section. Health allowing I hope to visit Jamaica early next year to visit with my uncle and have a look for early Duffi.

All Best Wishes More photos later Diana

The second E-mail may take a little time to down load. They are compressed as JPEG's.

George Duffus in 1870. And a recent photo of Uncle Herbert and Aunt Elsie.
W4GeorgeDuffus.jpg (32239 bytes)
George Duffus

W4Sir Herbert&Lady Duffus.jpg (53240 bytes)
Sir Herbert Duffus & Lady Elsie Duffus

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