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Privateers were privately owned warships ... today they are an exotic subject, often lumped in with pirates, but in Canada's past privateers were an accepted and respected way of waging war, and often the only means of defence for isolated Canadian communities.   I wrote my MA thesis on privateering and have a special interest in privateers from Nova Scotia.

 Privateer Name Search

This list allows you to search for people involved in privateering, either as crew, owners or agents. For each person, you willfind their position, their privateer ship and a year. At the moment it concentrates on privateers for the period 1793 to 1805, but War of 1812 privateers are being added all the time. Sources: Diaries of Simeon Perkins, Records of the Court of Vice Admiralty at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia and
National Archives of Canada.

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Duffuses engaged in privateering -http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~ac505/privateering.html

Duffus, William - part owner General Bowyer 1801

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