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March 14, 1999

|Duffus 2000 reunion|Duffus Privateers|E-Mail|Anna Duffus|Arthur Duffus|George Duffus|Innes Duffus|Family tree of James Duffus of Forgue|John G. Duffus|John Gerard Duffus|Kevin Duffus|

April 11, 1999

|Auguster Duffus retires after 45 years|Councillor Steve Duffus|Dylan Duffus' Boat|Email|
|Ernest Duffus|Father C.J. Duffus|Kevin Duffus and the Cape Light|Past Issues|

May 16, 1999

|2000 update|Andy Duffus - Chairman of the Bressay Playground Action Group, Bressay, Shetland Islands, UK |E-mail|Expressing Interest in 2000 Gathering|Granvil Rodilf Duffus dies|Iain Duffus - racing photo|John Gerard Duffus letter - family history|Lisa May Duffus - track star|Lyn Duffus - party people|Past Issues|

July 5, 1999

1881 United Kingdom Census of Duffuses|Ancient History of Duffus Name|Adeline Ruth Duffus letter- descendants of John Duffus of Banff, Banffshire|Alistair Duffus email|Barry Duffus family news|Bruce & Wendy Duffus letter - 2000 reunion|Councillor Steve Duffus' Ancestors|Family Tree of Gordon & Alistair Duffus|Footballer Jack Murison Duffus|Gordon Duffus letter - invitation to 2000 reunion|Gordon Duffus - Clan Sutherland secretary - email|Grandma coming to Duffus 2000 reunion|Harry Duffus letter - invitation to 2000 reunion|John L. Duffus letter|Johnnie Duffus letter|June Duffus letter|Kevin Duffus accomplishments writtten up in Outer Banks publication|Kirk Borland email|Mark Sutherland-Fisher address correction|Mervyn de Plater email|Mickey Duffus|Past News|Scottish Family Research Group|

August 8, 1999

|2000 Reunion|Barry & Arlene Duffus change of address|Darren Reed email|Duffuses Invited Too!|Duffus mole trap|Duffus seal|Gordon Duffus e-mail|Howard Connell fax|Julie Duffus email|June Duffus letter|Mervyn de Plater e-mail|Past Sunday News|Reverend John Duffus|Ruth Duffus letter|Sally Rea email|

September 12, 1999

|Duffus 2000 Reunion|Back to Africa|Cupar Benefactor|Dueling Documentaries|Email|Journal of the Reverend John Duffus|70 Years of Marriage for Edward and Barbara Duffus|Past Issues|

October 31, 1999

|Duffus 2000|Email|John Henderson Duffus|Life of a Dundee Draper|Past Issues|

November 28, 1999

|Duffus 2000 Reunion|Duffus Addresses Appearing in Dundee City Directory|Duffus Voting Rolls|
Email|Letters|Past Issues|References to the Rev. John Duffus|

December 19, 1999

|A Christmas Present for All Duffuses|A Short History of the Weaver Class of Dundee|
|Alfred Duffus defusing mine during WWI|Duffus 2000 Reunion|Email|Excavations at Duffus Castle
|Mail|Past Sunday News Issues|Progeny of John Duffus of Banff|

January 30, 2000

Alistair & Margaret Robertson from the Duffus Inn|Andy Duffus|Award for WWW.DUFFUS.COM|Duffus 2000||Duffus Mole Trap News|Dundee Censuses|Email & Mail|Excavation at Sculptor's Cave||Graeme Wilson at Grant Lodge||Harry Duffus|Looking for Grace|Past Issues|Updated Photos of Duffus Castle & St. Peter's &
Duffus Kirk

March 5, 2000

|Burial cist discovered at Easterton farm| Burial cist discovered at Westfield farm|Duffus 2000 Reunion|Duffus Mole Trap|Dundee marriages and deaths - OPR's|Email|Fifus Duffus|Jesse Troup|King Duffus|Peter Ustinov|Travel to Tibet|

April 2, 2000

| genealogical biographical database|Australian Branch of Clan Duffus|Award|Big Spender|Biography database|Clan MacDuff recognizes Fifus Duffus|Differs origins|David Duffus tree|Duffus 2000|Duffus chatroom|Duffuses in the Civil War|Grant Lodge database|House of Boyd recognizes King Duffus|Jamaica telephone directory|John & Joan Duffus|Moray history from Moray Roots Web|new genealogy page|mail & email|memorial to Grace McEwan Duffus|past issues|

May 14, 2000

|1783 Map of Loch Spynie|Adair Duffus Mulligan|Alistair Duffus|Chris Dufffus|Councillor Steve Duffus|David Duffus|Duffus 2000|Duffus Castle - Remedial Work|Duffus in Jamaica|George Duffus of Banff|Kathleen Duffus|Scottish Naming Customs|Reference to Sueno's Stone|Sister Septs of Duffus|Sueno's Stone|William Duffus of Pennyburn|William Alexander Duffus|

June 11, 2000

|Bill Duffus|Causie to Duffus - map|Chris Duffus|Duffus deaths in Dundee|Duffus 2000 Reunion||Ian Duffus letter|Sir Archie Dunbar letter|Innes, Harry & David meeting|Jack Duffus Weiss' ancestors||past issues|television & film duffuses update|

July 28, 2000

|articles from Duffus 2000|Christopher Duffus made partner|David Duffus, Diane Duffus and Megan Duffus erect memorial in Howff to Grace McEwan Duffus|Gordon Seth Duffus updates "James Duffus of Brigton, Oyne Parish family tree|Innes Duffus Archivist|John Gerard Duffus revealed|Lynn Duffus short stories published|Lorna McEarchern family tree|Angela Rail submits family tree for John Duffus of Deskford, Banffshire born abt. 1755?|Robert Duffus added to "Film and Television Duffuses"|

September 2, 2000

|Do You Think Jim Duffus Looks Like Dwight|The Duffus Ceilidh Video|Dwight Duffus|Email|Jeannie Duffus|Links You Will Enjoy|Margaret Doig Letter|Monumental Inscription Lookups|Past Issues|Reference to Chester Stairs Duffus|Retake on Jack Duffus Weiss Ancestors|The Royal House of Moray|

October 22, 2000

|Andrew Duffus|Biographical References|Carlton Clifford Duffus Dies at 90| |Dowell Duffus|Duffus 2000 Panorama Photo Available|Earls of Sutherland||Edwin Duffus Pig Hunter|First Sutherland Crest|Iza Duffus Hardy|Innes Duffus Photos| John David Duffus, III 28th Birthday|John Duffus Harris|Lynn Duffus Shortstory|
|Mail & Email|Minnesota Naturalization Records| |Paris Duffus in the News|Past Issues|Subscriptions of 1700's Duffus'|Sutherlands of Duffus|

December 3, 2000

|John Henderson address at Castle!|Jet flyover of Duffus Castle!|Family Tree of William Duffus of PennyburnUpdated by Neil Duffus of Dingwall|The Sutherland Lords Duffus|Torpedo Junction - New Video by Kevin Duffus|Colonel John D. Duffus|Ashley Duffus Mentioned|Mabel Duffus Hadden Dies|Robert Luther Duffus - The Innocents at Cedro: A Memoir of Thorstein Veblen and Some Others|Chris Duffus Mentioned|Email from John Duffus|Past Issues

January 14, 2001

|Auld Lang Syne|Beanie Duffus appeal|David Duffus holds town meeting|Dave Duffus saxaphone musician|Diana nee Duffus LeBrecht Christmas message|email|entertainers & musicians|George Duffus entertainer|Gordon Seth Duffus Christmas message|James Duffus information on the internet|La Fivere du Roi Duffus|Mickey Duffus of South Africa|Neil Duffus Christmas message|Paris Duffus professional hockey player|past issues|Shenley Duffus Ska musician|Steve & Julie Duffusat New Years celebration|Susette Ford-Duffus|

February 11, 2001

|Letter from John Gerard Duffus of Edinburgh|Scottish Sayings|Gaelic First Names|Lord Duffus Mentioned in English Eccentrics - 1933|Gaelic Web Sites for Your Enjoyment|The Envoutement of King Duffus|The Black Houses of Scotland|Autumn Day - Lynn Duffus|Additions to Who's Who Duffuses|Additional Databases Added|Email|Directories|Census Records|Past Issues|


April 29, 2001

The Scottish War of Independence|Iain Duffus|Parris Duffus|Grandfather Mountain Highland Games|Duffus Mole Trap|The year was rich with some oddball Iowa stories - one about Martin Duffus|Duffus, Joseph James, 1876-1957|Joe Duffus|1900 United States census Abstracts|Alexander Duffus of Monroe County, New York|Charlie Duffus of Poweshiek County, Iowa|  Edith Duffus of Broome County, New  York|George Duffus of Hudson County, Jersey City, New Jersey|George Duffus of Poweshiek County, Iowa|George Duffus of Wilson County, Tennessee|George W. Duffus of Poweshiek County, Iowa|James Duffus of Poweshiek County, Iowa|Jane Duffus of Poweshiek County, Iowa|John Duffus of King's County, City of New York, New York|John McGlashan Duffus of Orange Copunty, Williamstoun, Vermont|John Robert Duffus of King's County, City of New York, New York|William H. Duffus of Poweshiek County, Iowa|William Duffus of Poweshiek County, Iowa|William M. Duffus of King's County, City of New York, New York|Email|Past Issues|


June 17, 2001

|Slainte Mhath!Scottish Naming Customs| Excerpt from The Clans and Tartans of Scotland by Robert Bain|Susan Duffus, wife of Samuel Cunard Mentioned||Paul Duffus|Mickey Duffus|BFBS Worldwide - meet the DJ's - Lynne Duffus|Louise Duffus|Andrew Duffus|Past Issues|

September 9, 2001

|allan duffus| bit of wisdom|chronicle of the kings of alba|common ancestors of all humans|daughters of eve|daryn paige duffus|david duffus|duffus in the news|email|family trees merged|gaelic scotland|gene studies show ties long-veiled in europe|henritta duffus|history of the scottish nation|john g. duffus|kevin duffus|lorna mceachern (nee duffus)|lyall duffus|nicholas g. "capes" duffus|past issues|rev. john duffus|rica duffus cuff|robert duffus|senchus fer n'alban|timothy duffus mcfarland|trial of george duffus|umari duffus|y-line dna of john david duffus, jr.|

November 25, 2001

|Holinshed's Chronicles, Volume V: Scotland|1900 United States Census Abstracts Have Been Added to Genealogy Page!| Merger of Alexander Duffus of Elgin Tree with James Duffus of Glascow| Duffus Genealogy Forum| 48 Scottish Kings Buried on Iona| Dubhsith| Cambridge University Alumni| Mgsr. John Duffus| Carla Duffus - Super Model| Mole Trap "Duffus" type from Bins-n-Benches| Mickey Duffus Wins Best Tube Award| Gordon Duffus Adding to Duffus 2000 Photos| New Video Release by Kevin Duffus| Animal Tracks featuring University of Victoria's Professor Dave Duffus |Awards from Firth's Celtic Scotland|Augustine Duffus de Forchaber|Bowdoin College Profiles Emily Duffus |Caithness Org Mentions Freskin|Photo of Helen Merkle "Toots" Duffus|Historic Castles and Families of the North Mentions Lord Duffus|Index to South Carolina Civil War Soldiers|John Duffus Harris|List of Jamaica Manumitted Slaves Including Duffuses|Photo of Mark Duffus from Caithness Org|Mary Duffus – Realtor|Robert Burns Address to a Haggis|Testators of Wills Proved in Jamaica Referencing Duffuses|Williamsburg Scottish Festival Honors Sutherland Clan|Email Past Issues|



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