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Subject: A New Contact From London Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 00:19:07 -0000 From: "Michael Summers" To: "David Duffus" CC: "David Duffus" Dear David, My name is Michael Peter Summers. I'm a thirty-nine year old musician. I was born as Michael Peter Duffus, but due to a broken home, I never got to know my father personally. To make things worse, the family name was changed when I was a teenager, and I guess it's too late to change it back now. My father was Harold Ambrose Duffus, son of James Francis Duffus who lived in Koroit, Victoria, Australia. We are all descended from George Duffus of The Royal Artillery, who moved to Nova Scotia in the nineteenth century. I was born in Melbourne in 1960, but my mother and my sister Delphine and I all left Melbourne at the end of 1975, traveled overland (as much as practicable) and arrived in London in May 1976. Recently, I visited Australia for the first time in 24 years, and my holiday turned into a pilgrimage. I met my half brother Ronald for the first time, and met my eleven surviving first cousins from the Duffus clan. They told me about the family seat in Koroit, which I visited, and of your website, and of the re-union in July at Castle Duffus. I've just got connected to the internet. Through scanning E-mails on the Duffus website I was able to locate your E-mail address. At last! I have compiled a history of my father and his relatives. Perhaps you are interested. Please drop me a line at . It would be good to hear from you. P.S. How do I get onto the UK directory? My address is 45 Kilross Road, Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 8SB and my telephone number is 020 8893 1094. Yours sincerely, Michael

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