The following appears in "History of Passaic and Its Environs" by Walter W. Scott, Vol. III, published by Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc.., New York, 1922 located in the Passaic Public Library, Passaic, New Jersey.

George Stewart Duffus, son of John and Georgie (Mott) Duffus, was born at the family home in the town of Passaic, Passaic County, New Jersey, February 5, 1874. His early educational training was acquired in the schools of Passaic, New Jersey, and he was reared to early manhood years under the parental roof. Soon after laying aside his school books, he began to take up the practical duties of life, and for some time was employed in the capacity of passenger and freight brakeman on the Eire Railroad, and in 1897 he was promoted to the position of train flagman, resigning June 30, 1891. He entered into the service of the Passaic post office, in the capacity of sub–carrier, June 21, 1901 and on July 1, 1901, he advanced to the position of regular letter carrier in the city of Clifton, where he continued actively engaged during the next five years. he was advanced to the position of clerk in charge of the Clifton post office, the duties of which he faithfully executed for some time, and was later advanced to the position of superintendent in charge of the post office of the city of Clifton. He continued in that capacity up to September 19, 1917, at which time the drafted men of the city of Clifton bade farewell to their friends and their country, and began their preparations for finally going overseas to take part in the great World War. On this same date, September 19, 1917, George S. Duffus allied himself with Herman G. Scheel, and promptly engaged in the real estate business, and established an office on Main Avenue, Clifton. In this undertaking the firm of Duffus & Scheel met with an immediate and marked degree of success as a result of their enterprise and practical business judgment, with straightforward methods they applied in all of their business transactions. The firm of Duffus & Scheel have become identified with numerous land improvements and real estate enterprises in the cities of Clifton, Passaic and the surrounding community, and have also contributed largely to the material growth and development of the various communities wherein their activates have been centered.

George S. Duffus was elected a member of the City Council of Clifton in 1918 for a term of two years. Soon after entering upon his official duties, he was chosen by the board as chairman of the finance committee. He has also served as a member of the Board of Estimate during the year 1919. During the activities of the Red Cross Organization, Mr. Duffus contributed of his time and substance to the Red Cross Work, and was also an ardent worker during the various periods of the drive of the Liberty loans.

George S. Duffus married May 21, 1893, Mary Florence Davis, born July 26, 1875, of Ellenville, New York. She is the daughter of Freeman and Mary Ann Davis. Of this union were born three children as follows: 1. Isabell, born May 10, 1894, died August 5, 1894. 2. Lillian May, born May 19, 1895. 3. Viola Adelia, born October 19, 1897.

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