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l0th April 1998

Dear David

Having recently retired, I decided that the time was long overdue for me to catch up to date with the goings on in the family at large and not leave everything to my Cousin Harry.

Firstly, if I may, here are the details of where I fit into the Family Tree:

My name is Innes Alfred Duffus, I was born 04.03.29 and I am the son of Alfred Duffus.

My father Alfred Duffus was the youngest of seventeen children of Henry Beveridge Duffus, born 04.1843.

I married Muriel Southall in Birmingham on 17. 11.51 and we have two daughters. Carol was born on 11.12. 54. She married and has one daughter, Kelly Ruxton, born 31.10. 83. On leaving school. Carol trained and qualified as a Pharmacy Technician. She worked in various hospitals for a number of years. She gave up work for a time when Kelly was bom. Carol is presently P.A. and chief administrator of"Runrig". I have taken the liberty of enclosing a short history of the band which has a large following in the USA. Carol is presently living in Aberdeen where she settled some years ago after she left Dundee to work at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Lynn was born on 07.09.56. Like Carol she was educated in Dundee. She quickly realised that her future lay in London and moved there around 1975.

She worked initially as a telephonist and receptionist in various hotels and with companies such as Philips, the Auctioneers, Texaco, some law practices in the Inns of Court, Westminster Council and Accountants KPMG. In this way she became trained and proficient in many aspects of Information Technology and is currently an Information Technology Controller/Analyst with Accountants KPMG. She does intend to travel, however and is looking for a twelve-month secondment to either Canada or the USA.

Among the documents enclosed are:

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