A Real Sketch

Some time ago, Mr. Duffus wrote a history of his life and that of his father, when they came form Scotland. The Republican is pleased to print it.

Biographical Sketch

Alex Duffus, oldest son of Alexander and Elizabeth Henderson Duffus, was born Sept. 12th, 1849, in Aberdeen Shire, Scotland. came to U.S.A. with his parents in the fall of 1854; made the voyage in a sailing vessel, sailing from Aberdeen. Was a stormy voyage, being caught in the Equinotial storms. Three days and nights drifted before the gale, being carried 500 miles out of her course. After seven weeks they landed at Quebec, Canada. Spent the winter of 1854 and 1855 in Ohio.

In the spring of 1855 they moved to Iowa; crossing the Mississippi at Davenport on a ferry boat -- no bridge or R.R. across the river at that time.

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