Adeline Ruth Duffus - family tree of John Duffus and Mary Bissett of Banff

Academic Duffuses

Allan and Margaret Duffus of Dundee -see Harry Duffus email

Ancient History of the Duffus Name Passed Down by Ancestors of Adeline Ruth Duffus

Ancient Monuments

Andrew Duffus - mentioned

Andy Duffus - Chairman of Bressay Playground Action Group

Anjala Major - history - Finnish home of Kenneth Sutherland

Angela nee Duffus & Bill Rail
Sunday News 10/22/00


Arkembaldus de Duffus

Arthur Duffus - Keeper of Blavil Estate

Ashley Duffus - mentioned

Auguster Duffus (Cuba) retires

Auld Lang Syne

Autumn Day - by Lynn Duffus




Natalie Duffus - mentioned

Naturalization records

Neil & Margaret Duffus of Matraville, Victoria, Australia - Christmas message

Neil Duffus of Dingwall
Sunday News 12/03/00 - photos of Alexander Duffus, Charlie Duffus, Charles Duffus & Neil Duffus


Baron Duffus

Benefactors and Philanthropists
Carlton Clifford Duffus
James Duffus
James Coutts Duffus
Dr. Lee Duffus

Biographical references

Black Duffuses
Black Duffuses
Seminal Influences

Black Houses of Scotland

The Linen Industry in Blairgowie
Blairgowrie Tours

British Columbia Connections



Mable Duffus Hadden

Ontario Cemetaries

Opérations de la sorcellerie 



Carlton Clifford Duffus

- 1881British census

-  1891 Census for Scotland
-  Bellie - 1851

-  Dundee
---1851 and 1861

- General

-  Ontario


Chris Duffus - mentioned

Civil War Records

Clan Sutherland - A Personal View

Colin McLennan Duffus

Colonel John David Duffus
Duffuses in the Military
Sunday News 12/3/00



The first Sutherland crest



Parris Duffus
Duffuses in Sports
Sunday News 1/14/01
Sunday News 10/22/00


-  Duffus Castle, St. Peter's Kirk and Duffus Church

Photographic Tour
Camus Stone
-  Elgin
Elgin Cathedral
Kaim of Duffus
Loch Oire
Lossiemouth Golf Course



David Duffus - Greenville, North Carolina b. 1946
Family tree 
Sunday News 1/14/01

David Dufis - 1330

David Duffus - 1488

Dave Duffus - Australia musician

Debt of Honour


Descriptions of Moray Parishes

Destruction of Duffus Castle

Diana (nee Duffus) LeBrecht
Sunday News 1/14/01


Dowell Duffus b. 1880 MS
Sunday News 10/22/00

Duffus Castle
early photos

Duffus Shipyard - Aberdeen

Duffus Parish Church - 1869-1969


Duffus plantation - Jamaica - see Adeline Ruth Duffus' mail

Duffus Village
early photos

Duffus seal

Duffus 2000
John Henderson address at Castle
RAF jet flyover of Duffus Castle

A Short History of the Hammerman Craft of Dundee 
A Short History of the Weaver Craft of Dundee
Dundee 1841 Census
Early Dundee Maps

Dundee Baptism Registry

Dundee Gravestones

Dundee LDS Records

Dundee Obituaries

Dundee OPR's
-  Births
-  Burials
-  Marriages

Dundee Voters Rolls - 1837 - 1909

Dundee Yearbooks - Duffus addresses

Dwight Duffus

Dylan Duffus


Queen's Scotland


Earls of Sutherland

Early Kings - A Family Tree

Early Photos of Duffus Village and St. Peter's Kirk

Edwin Duffus - Jamaican pig hunter

Ellis Island records

Email and mail:

Alexander "Sandy"  Duffus b. 1896/97

Alistair James Duffus re Gordon James Duffus - May 1, 1999

Annals of Banff

Brian Forcum - James Duffus of Brigton

Bruce Duffus re John "Jack" Murison Duffus - May 16, 1999

- Bruce Duffus re John "Jack" Murison Duffus footballer - July 4, 1999


-  Gordon Duffus - Colonial Heights, VA
   - coincidence


Gordon and Eileen Duffus of Essex, England - May 20, 1999

- Gordon Seth Duffus - Nov. 9, 1998

Gordon Seth Duffus - May 3, 1999

Gordon Seth Duffus re Margaret Stuart Duffus -  May 3, 1999

Howard J. Duffus - May 11, 1999

- Innes Duffus
  "Reekin Lums"

Jim Duffus <>

John Duffus and Christian (Christina) Anderson  Jan 3, 1874 
Marnoch, Banff

John Henderson Duffus - Mar. 8, 1999

John Gerard Duffus
- letter - Mar. 3, 1999 re James Duffus and Margaret Hay and John Duffus b. 1913 Auchcairnie, Fourdon
Sunday News - Feb. 11, 2001
Sunday News - Dec. 3, 2000

June Duffus re New Zealand Duffuses - June 23, 1999

Lyall  C. Duffus - Northumberland

Louise Ross - Jan. 5, 1999

-  Lousie Ross re Morision Duffus - Jan. 14, 1999

Marc Duffus - Dec. 9, 1998

Maria Duffus - Dec. 14, 1998

Mary Johnnie Duffus re Mortimer Duffus

- Mervyn de Plater re Reverend John Duffus

Skye Driggs re Margaret Stuart Duffus and Margaret Jane Duffus b. Nov. 24, 1820 Aberdeen - May 1, 1999

- Steve Duffus - Apr. 14, 1999

- Vera Feketey re William Clark Duffus tree 

-------------------------------end email

English Eccentrics

Envoutement of King Duffus

Ernest Duffus - Curling Champion

Extract from the Life of a Dundee Draper



Rattray Records including monumental inscriptions.


Reverend John Duffus

Robert Luther Duffus
Biography - Vermont as Memory in the Writings of Robert L. Duffus
Family tree- William Duffus of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
The Innocents at Cedro
Who's Who Duffuses


Family treesall

Family trees - Duffus

Alexander Scott Duffus of Edinburgh b. 1858
Alexander Duffus of Elgin, Moray b.1728
Alexander and John Duffus of Glascow
Alexander Duffus of Keith
b. 1782
Alexander Duffus of Tyrie
b. 1917
David Duffus of Rattray
b. 1728
George Duffus of Huntly, Banff - b. abt. 1795 - 1800
George Duffus of Dubston, Oyne  b. 1744
George Duffus of Dundee m. 1866
Gordon James Duffus b. 1908
James Duffus m. before 1900
James Duffus of Allendale, Aberdeen
Dr. James Duffus of Auchenblae d. 1928
James Duffus of Brigton, Oyne b. 1796

James Duffus (Differs) of Dundee m. 1814

James Duffus of Elgin, Moray b. abt. 1751

James Duffus of Forgue, Aberdeen m. 1784

Sunday News -  March 14, 1999
Sunday News - May 16, 1999
Sunday News - May 14, 2000
Sunday News - Oct. 22, 2000
Sunday News - Dec. 3, 2000
Sunday News - Feb. 11, 2001

James Duffus of Glascow b. abt 1870-1880

James Duffus of Granton-on-Spey m. 1875

James Charles Duffus prob. from Edinburgh b. prior 1906

John Duffus of Aberdeen b. 1776

John Duffus of Arbroath, Forfar b. 1844

John Duffus of Banff m. 1737

John Duffus of Deskford, Banff m. 1775

Katherine Maude Duffus of Ontario, Canada  b. 1877

Peter Duffus b. 1760

Thomas Duffus of Edinburgh m. 1778

Thomas Duffus of Mt. Plenty, Jamaica b. bet. 1850 & 1860

William Duffus of Banff 

William Duffus of Pennyburn, Forgue b. 1761

William Duffus of Fraserburgh, Aberdeen m. 1852

- William Duffus of Boharm, Moray b. prior to 1791

William Clark Duffus of Dundee b. 1867


Earls of Sutherland

Sutherlands of Duffus

-----------end family trees

Father C. J. Duffus

Fifus Duffus

Footballer Jack Murison Duffus



Freskin de Moravia


Scots Origins

Scottish Church records

Scottish Kings 330 BC to 1034 AD

Seminal Influences

Seth & Pat Duffus Christmas message

78th King of Scots

Shenley Duffus

Ships Lists

Short History of the Hammerman Craft

Short History of the Weaver Craft of Dundee

Slave plantation - Jamaica - Alexander and Thomas Duffus

Social Security Records

Sports Duffuses

Steve Duffus - Councillor - Chester, England

Steve Duffus ancestors

Steve & Julie Duffus

St. Peter's Kirk - early photos

Subscriptions of our ancestors

Sunday News:

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December 3, 2000

January 14, 2001

February 11, 2001

Survey of the Province of Moray

Sutherland and Its Lords
- email from Gordon Duffus - Sunday News 12/3/00

Sutherlands of Duffus

Suzette Ford-Duffus


Gaelic first names

Gaelic web sites


George Duffus - 1641

George Duffus - audio message - Duffus 2000

George Duffus - Scottish Humorist

Gilbert Duffus - 1642

Gordonstoun School

Granvil Rodilf Duffus (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) dies




telephone directories
- Canada
- Luxembourg 
New Zealand
Northern Ireland
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Television and Film Duffuses



History of Anjala Major - Finnish Home of Kenneth Sutherland

Hunt the Motte


Iain Duffus - motorcycle champion

Innes Duffus
A Short History of the Hammerman Craft of Dundee 
Family tree
Home page
- letter - Jan. 20, 1999
photos from Duffus 2000
"Reekin Lums"

International Registry

Iza Duffus Hardy
Sunday News 10/22/00




Duffus 2000 ceilidh


James Duffus - 1633

James Duffus - 1641

James F. Duffus of Albany, CA

Jeannie Duffus b. 1864 

John Duffes - 1632

John Dufis - 1330

John David Duffus b. 1923
Duffuses in the Military
Sunday News 12/3/00

John David Duffus, Jr. b. 1946
Family tree 
Sunday News 1/14/01

John David Duffus, III
Sunday News 10/22/00
On Mt. Kilimanjaro- 1989

John de Duffhous - 1347

John Duffus Harris - Trinity College - 1873

John Duffus Weiss
- Retake on ancestors


John G. Duffus of Dundee
- letter - Feb. 19, 1999

John Gerard Duffus
- letter - Mar. 3, 1999 re James Duffus and Margaret Hay and John Duffus b. 1913 Auchcairnie, Fourdon
Sunday News - Feb. 11, 2001
Sunday News - Dec. 3, 2000
Sunday News - Oct. 22, 2000

John Henderson Duffus b 1814
Extract from the Life of a Dundee Draper

John "Jack" Murison Duffus

Johanna Duffus b. 1860

-  1838 Journal of the Reverend John Duffus
-  related account of the Reverend John Duffus contained in Count Plater
-  related account of the Reverend John Duffus contained in Prince Lukecki




Who's Who Duffuses

William Duffus - 1645


Kediesh Duffus
Sunday News 10/22/00

Kenneth Lord Sutherland
-  Kenneth Sutherland
-  Kenneth Sutherland - 3rd Lord Duffus

Kevin Duffus
The Cape Light
- The Graveyard of the Atlantic
Search for the Man who Built the Hatteras Lighthouse
Video historian Kevin Duffus putting barrier islands'
    past on record
The Battle for Torpedo Junction 


King Duffus
Early Kings - A Family Tree
Envoutement of King Duffus
Scottish Kings 330 BC to 1034 AD
78th King of Scots




LDS Records

Lineage of King Duffus


Lisa May Duffus

Lord Duffus - English Eccentrics

Lost Lordship of Duffus

Lyn Duffus (London, England)

Lynn Duffus
-  "Autumn Day"
-  "Peggy"



Mable Duffus Hadden - obituary


-  Duffus and surrounding area today
-  1870 Ordinance Map
-  Moray and Nairn Shires
-  1982 Ordinance map
-  Scotland under Robert the Bruce
-  Scottish parishes
-  1793 map of Loch Spynie
-  Old Moray

Mary "Johnnie" Duffus
Sunday News 10/22/00

Mickey Duffus - South Africa

Military Duffuses

Missionaries, Ministers and Priests

-  survey

Moray Parishes