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Holinshed's Chronicles, Volume V: Scotland

"they murmured closelie amongest themselues, how the King Duffe was onlie become friend to the commons & cleargie of his realme, hauing no respect to the nobilitie . . ."

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Early rendition of Duffus Castle. A Scottish artist has painted
numerous water colors of Scottish castles. I will try to have his name 
in the next issue in case you want to order a copy.


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Merger of Alexander Duffus of Elgin tree with James Duffus of Glascow

This was featured from in an email from Margaret Duffus in the last issue. 
I have now completed merger the trees with Family Tree Maker.

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Duffus Genealogy Forum

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48 Scottish Kings Buried on Iona

"According to legend, many Lords of the Isles, forty-eight Scottish kings, eight Norweigian kings, and four Irish kings were buried here in the Relig Odhrain. An unsubstantiated tradition also holds that Duncan and Macbeth, who were immortalized by Shakespeare, are buried here."

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the Christian name Dubhsith was at one time common among the MacCuishes, and, although it was soon lost in Uist, in Cape Breton it remained, in the forms of Dushie, Duffus and even David!

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Cambridge University Alumni

Harris, John Duffus.
College: TRINITY
Entered: Michs. 1873

Adm. pens. at TRINITY, Aug. 11, 1873. [3rd] s. of Daniel [Kurtland] de Wolfe [or Wolf], merchant, of Halifax, Nova Scotia [and ward of John Duffus, Esq., also of Halifax]. B. there [Jan. 2], 1855. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1873; B.A. 1877. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 18, 1876. Called to the Bar, June 9, 1880. Stockbroker; resident at New York, U.S.A., in 1886. (Rugby Sch. Reg.; Inns of Court; Foster, Men at the Bar; Law Lists.)

Mgsr. John Duffus

Mgsr John Duffus, Sacred Heart Cathedral Presbytery, 66 Short St, Bendigo. Tel 03 5443 4400, Fax 03 5441 5593.Email:

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Carla Duffus - Super Model

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Mole Trap "Duffus" type from

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Mickey Duffus Wins Best Tube Award

Mickey lives in South Africa and is a surfer!

Mickey lives in South Africa and is a surfer!


Mickey in the background looking at surf.

Gordon Duffus Adding to Duffus 2000 Photos

The Joys of Wearing a Kilt in the Regimental Way

 Having gotten to that point in my life when wearing my kilt in a
 'regimental manner' is an alright thing, I thought that I might share
 some of the good/bad points:

 Good Points:
 1. It's really comfortable
 2. It's really comfortable

 Bad Points:
 1. Sitting down in a car on a winter's day
 2. Sitting down in a car on a summer's day
 3. Sitting down
 4. Windy days
 5. Questions about what you might presently be wearing under the kilt
 (lottsa answers for that one).
 6. Breaking into an impromptu reel
 7. Bending waaaay over to pick up something on the ground.
 8. Dogs coming up to say 'Hello' seem to like it.... too much.
 9. The inquisitive child.

 Seems that the BAD Points far outweigh the GOOD reasons for going
did I mention that it's comfortable?

Gordon Douglas Duffus

New Video Release by Kevin Duffus

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Hardy, Miss Iza Duffus

from E. Cobham Brewer 1810–1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.

(b. Enfield). “Between Two Fires” (1873); “Glencairn” (1876); “Only a Love Story” (1877); “A Broken Faith” (1878); “Friend and Lover” (1880); “Love, Honour, and Obey” (1881); “The Love That He Passed By” (1884); “Between Two Oceans” (1884): “Hearts or Diamonds” (1885): “Oranges and Alligators” (1886); “The Girl He Did Not Marry” (1887); “Love in Idleness” (1887); “A New Othello” (1890); “A Woman’s Loyalty” (1893); “A Buried Sin” (1893), etc.

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Dear David,

We have briefly talked sometime ago. I am almost finishing the book I am writing, and have run into a dead end. I will expose my problem.

I am researching a Ronald Duffus Sutherland born in Blue Earth City, Minnesota around 1876. I need to know the name of his father and mother. His father, we believe was a captain of the Royal Navy, a Henry Sutherland, we lost track of him in Ceylon. He should have been alive arounf that time.

It is extremely important for my research to find the name of the father of Ronald Duffus Sutherland born in Blue Earth City Minnesota in 1876. We know this as his son John Elliot Sutherland was born in North Dakota in 1910 and the age of his father was stated as 34, and born in Blue Earth City, Minnesota.

Could you kindly advise me how I can go about this? I have a reputable genealogical firm in Canterbury working on this, but they called out for help...

I hope you can be of help.

Aye yours,
William Sutherland

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