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Hatch & Duffus

  Hatch & Duffus on the loose.
  Monday - Friday, 1300-1500

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The Hatch & Duffus Show won Silver at the New York Radio Festival

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The Hatch & Duffus Show
BFBS Radio 1 Monday - Friday, 1300 - 1500

*** Hatch & Duffus are on detachments overseas, Lynne is in Belize and Richard in Bosnia.  But fret not, they will be back in September. In the meantime, Simon Guettier is taking over ***

The Hatch & Duffus Show, takes a light-hearted approach to daytime radio, focusing on the entertainment issues of the day with celebrity guests, ridiculous competitions, prizes & plenty of listener interaction.

Add to this stacks of showbiz news, Dominik Diamond's Friday paper review, the topic of the day and of course the 'website of the day' review.

Recent Celebrity Interviews:


      Simon with the gorgeous singer

      Zena - 'All Around the World'

    Simon interviewed the stunning

    Jennifer Ellison from Hell's Kitchen


       Lily Kwan promoted the racy,  

       newly launched Naked News!

       Simon chatted with this great

       ex-referee David Elleray


Simon Guettier

has temporarily taken over from Hatch & Duffus!

Dominik Diamond -

Richard & Judy's monkey

Doctor Simon's Animal Kingdom

Dr Petra - knows a lot about sex



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