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Enjoy Roadside Treats
Novia McDonald-Whyte, Contributing editor
Thursday, July 15, 2004

Jerk Pork expert Lloyd Duffus of Yallahs Square (Photos: Karl McLarty)

The long summer holidays are upon us and Thursday Food Page suggests planning mini food excursions. Take a trip for example to the parish of St Thomas. Stop and quench your thirst with coconut water en route as you take in the true beauty of the island. Enjoy delicious jerk pork from Lloyd Duffus who has been at Yallahs Square (right beside Juici Beef patties) for the last five years. That his jerk pork is in much demand is no idle boast, since passers-by consume 80-120lbs per day. even more on Sundays.

Look out for oyster man Leslie McKie on the Old Harbour Road (when he's not catering for private parties or at Little Ochi Seafood Carnival); he's been in the oyster business for twenty-odd years.

Jeffrey Brown sells coconut drops, asham, peanut cakes, ital and raw peanuts at Alligator Pond.

The May Pen Toll Road will lead you to Berrydale in Porus and to Uriah Fowles where you can feast on oranges, mangoes, avocado pears, pineapples, naseberries and soursop. There are also bottles of Noni and cashew juice as well as attractive-looking bottles of Scotch bonnet pepper.

For those with a sweet tooth, look around St Elizabeth (Alligator Pond to be exact) for Jeffrey Brown who has for the past nine years been making and selling coconut drops, asham, peanut cakes, ital and raw peanuts. And we've only just scratched the surface. Keep reading our pages and rediscover eating island style.

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