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Brother Bill Duffus's first poem to hit the streets Handsworth in a big way was his powerful letter to the community that he had read out over the airways of PCRL, and whose last verse was used later as an upliftment radio jingle on the radio station played even to this day! 


There are those amongst us who have no regard or respect for the lives of the African family; the elderly, the women, our men, our children, the weak or the strong. There are those amongst us whose pattern of behavior is that of a savage, a wounded human beans out of control, incapable of functioning with intelligence. For many of us this has gone beyond all comprehension and reason. The contempt that is now manifesting it's self is causing a major shock wave over Britain and can no longer be tolerated. We cannot stand by and watch the streets of America, Manchester and certain parts of the Caribbean come to the streets of Handsworth, Birmingham.

The call for action to eradicate the now growing problem which is spiralling out of control, holding us hostage in terror and fear, could never be more urgent. The strategy must be and will be, that we must become the protectors, the judges, the jury, which governs our own. The system has planned the condition of our people and do not care about our fears, as their conspiracy is working to achieve the limitation of our people by our own people. Civilisation began with us, a free people, everyone else has learned how to build their civilisation from us, and if we are to survive as people we must rebuild what has been stolen.

This is a time of decision, this is how we did run things which retained respect, social order, vision and wisdom beyond compare. The defenders of the black community feel that this action to be taken is just, right and necessary, for our very survival, given that we know the truth about who by what and why were going to be destroyed. The solution is evident, without question, search, find, identify, expose, illuminate and destroy the perpetrators and their family's who hide, intimidate, or threaten those who dare to speak out, and demand justice for there loved ones, from these mindless savages that produce them. Who then brag about them and are prepared to protect them. 

We the defenders of the community who have decided on this action will not protect our family's if they have done wrong or have committed acts of injustice towards others, brothers and sisters. The judgement will be the same. We the defenders of the community understand that our people have drunk the wine of violence and there ore those in the community who are working hard to correct the condition of our people from the elements of self destruction. However, unfortunately we must come to realize that there are those in our community who are so filled with evil, that they are beyond saving or reasoning with and therefor must be destroyed, incapacitated using whatever means necessary. We the responsible loving careers of our people will not stand idly by and allow mindless and irresponsible minority, who create havoc, suffering, pain and distress among our people, are not to be held accountable for there action.

Please, please, please be warned, you have been warned justice is here!  Wake up black man, wake up black man the sleeping warier, protect your children, protect your women, protect the elderly, protect yourself, protect your pride, your nation and your dignity. Your people demand this of you now, our destiny as a people is in your hands, they know it, we know it, you know it  . . .

. . . Wake up black man ,  wake up black man and take your stand. You are the sphinx the alpha and omega you were the first and the last , the original black man. Your divine creator ancestors commands you with your wisdom to rise and reign again - Wake up black man, wake up!       

(c) Bill Duffus/PCRL 1996 (If you would like some of Bill's poetry on compact disc then E-mail Mickey Nold at pcrl103fm@hotmail.com)




Lying and stealing is the whiteman's game;

For rights of God nor man he has no shame

(A practice of his throughout the whole world)

At all, great thunderbolts he has hurled;

He has stolen everywhere - land and sea;

A buccaneer and pirate he must be,

Killing all, as he roams from place to place,

Leaving disease, mongrels - moral discrace.