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August 8, 1999

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Duffus 2000 Reunion!!!

Saturday, July 1st and Sunday, July 2nd, 2000.

For more information about who's interested in coming, accommodations, and events click
on the icon below!!
Because of the volume of material I've had to create a whole new
web page.

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The Reverend John Duffus and Duffus seal

Subject: Duffus family matters
Date: Sat, 03 Jul 1999 19:11:57 +1000
From: Mervyn de Plater <broel@uq.net.au>
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com

Dear David Duffus

Having seen your name on the internet among the numerous references to the Duffus family I was hoping you may be able to help me to contact someone in the Duffus family who could possibly have a relationship to my great-great grandmother and who would be interested enough to pursue
enquiries arising from the following basic information.

Charlotte Price Duffus was married by her brother the Rev. John to a Polish nobleman, Count Lucien de Broel Plater at St James Church, Clerkenwell in Middlesex on the 13th October 1836. The witnesses who signed the marriage certificate were William and Peter Hardy and Alice Duffus. The Duffus family was related to the Hardy family and the son of Charlotte's cousin, was Sir Thomas Hardy, the famous novelist.

Laura, a sister of Charlotte also married a Polish nobleman, Prince Alois Drucki-Lubecki and they with the Rev. John Duffus, preceded Lucien and Charlotte in emigrating to NSW. Another sister Susan Duffus, married William Griffith, an artist, of Parramatta, N.S.W.

In early Australian "Plater" family records there are the following two notations -

1. "Our maternal grandmother's maiden name was Rebecca Berryman, an American lady born at Philadelphia. Her parents both died of yellow fever when she was 10 years old. Our paternal great- great-grandfather, Alexander Duffus who came of a very ancient Scottish family, adopted
Rebecca and brought her up with his own family. She married Thomas, son of the above Alexander. The children of the marriage were John, Laura, Francis and Charlotte."

2. " Charlotte was the third daughter of Thomas Duffus, a Sugar Planter in the West Indies and a member of an old Scottish family from Banffshire, Scotland. "

In one of the Plater scrap books there is a wax impression of "The Duffus Seal" with a clear impresssion of the motto "Beware" and although the crest on the seal is very hard to distinguish, it could possibly be a boar's head .

I have searched through many records of the Duffus family on the internet but can find no reference whatsoever which would indicate a relationship to any of the above-named person.

Any assistance you can give me would be very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

(Mervyn B. de Plater)

"Broel Lodge"
31 O'Toole Street
Everton Park 2ld 4053
Telephone: (07) 3355 0184
Email: "broel@uq.net.au

19 July 1999

Mr. David Duffus
P.O. Box 5026
Greenville, NC 27858 USA

Dear David,

Further to my e-mail of 6 July I have decided to send you the impression of the "Duffus Seal" taken from the scrap-book which was kept by a late Aunt of mine. I am also enclosing a copy of a newpaper cutting from 1939 about the Rev. John Duffus (brother-in-law of my great-grandfather Count Lucien (Lucjan) Broel Plater, who was Rector of Australia's oldest Anglican Church at Liverpool, New South Wales.

Rev_JohnDuffus_tnail.jpg (22311 bytes)
To read article about the Rev. John Duffus click on his image!

Hopefully, you may be able to interpret what is on the seal and I would be grateful to have it returned to me in due course, with your comments. Can you also let me know please, if a facsimile is avaiable of the coat-of-arms that would be applied to that line of the Duffus family from Banff in Banffshire and if they had a special tartan.

I must compliment you on all the important details you have on the web pages, but I almost get dizzy trying to track relationships, apart from those which you supplied by e-mail - you must have some special way of extracting the details. I was using the "find" option for the numbers cited, to trace offspring but is there any way of tracking antecedents?

May I hope I am not asking too much of you for obviously you are kept very busy on the internet.


Mervyn B. de Plater

More about the seal!

Subject: Re: Response to your email
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 19:07:49 +1000
From: Mervyn de Plater <broel@uq.net.au>
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com
References: 1

Dear David

Very many thanks for the prompt reply to my e-mail and AMAZINGLY the answers to questions sought for many years. I will contact Adeline and am sure we will have a lot of interesting information to share and there are still a few questions she may be able to answer for me.

The odds about this coincidence occurring the way it did are enormous and I am almost completely dumbfounded.

The 'Duffus seal' is just a blob of wax in a scrap book and I do not know how I can get a decent reproduction of it. With a magnifying glass it is easy to read the word "Beware" but the crest is more or less a blur. I will make some enquiries to see if there is any way it can be photographed under a microscope but this may take a little time. I am very keen myself to know what it portrays and be assured you will be informed about what transpires.

Beware_tnail.jpg (13185 bytes)
To see the seal click on the image above!

Apart from an ancient history with the Platers, I now find I have maternal ancestral connections to Rurik who founded Russia about 963 and King Duff (963- 967) a Pictish Chief of Scotland.

Yours truly is still in business 4 days a week but retiring at 31 December, approaching 80 years on 4 January. You may be interested to look up some Plater sites on the internet -


Thanks again and best wishes. I will be in touch.



davidduffus wrote:

> > Dear Mervyn, > > Many thanks for the seal and the newspaper cutting about Rev. Duffus. > All of the worldwide Duffuses will be delighted to read this article in > the August issue and will be amazed at the seal. > > I appreciate you sending the seal which I plan on returning to you this > week. It's such a valuable heirloom I wish you hadn't taken the risk > sending it. However, I do very much appreciate your kindness making sure > I should see real seal. > > I have sent out so many copies of the Duffus Sunday News and CD's I > can't remember if I sent these things to you. Please confirm if you > will. If you haven't received the July issue and the CD, I will make > sure it goes out the end of this week. > > As far as all of the familial connections are concerned, you are right > that I have the inside track. At some point I plan on trying to list all > of the connections. However, with the tress listed there are three that > bear a relationship with one another which go back to the late 1700's. > You might read the emails from Carol Veale of NZ whose emails are posted > in on the Email page. > > Again, will get your seal back to you this week. > > Have to go for now. I am back at work this evening and it looks as if I > will need to put in another 27 years in order to catch up with your > retirement.

Dear David

I would be grateful if you could let me have the answer to a few questions -: 1. Were you able to work out what was on the Duffus Seal ? 2. I did pick up the July news which gave details of your correspondence with Ruth Duffus and myself. I do not know anything about the CD - is it Macintosh compatible and what kind of info is on it.? 3. One other question - how and where does one find access to the emails of Carol Veale. You will have to run hard to catch me up - especially on the golf course each Monday. Sincerely Mervyn

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June Duffus letter

J.R. Duffus
2/508 Charles Street
Hastings, New Zealand

20th July 1999

Dear David,

Thank you for your letter and enclosures. You certainly have taken on an enormous task. I have a couple of comments. I am credited with being 90. Alas I am only 80! If the error is mine I apologize. I have already lived much longer than I expected to. Then you mention "Adeline" Duffus. She is actually know as "Ruth" (her second name). I have known her much of my life and always knew her as "Ruth".

I will contact my sons and see if they can arrange to attend the gathering. I know that Bill would have been interested.

We are in the throes of winter - not too bad so far - just a few frosts, but some snow on the hills (quite some distance away). Still, the spring flowers are beginning to bloom, which is a cheering sight.

I hope you have a pleasant vacation in Canada and return home refreshed.

With Best Wishes

Yours Sincerely,

June Duffus

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Ruth Duffus letter

276 Richardson Rd. Mt. Roskill
Auckland 4 New Zealand
Wed. 21.7.1999

Dear David:

Many thanks for the copies of the "Duffus Sunday Eve. News".

Also for returning my small cheque - are you sure you don't need it towards your postage? As you know I have had a letter from Mervyn de Plater, who is (I think) my 4th cousin, being 4th from Thomas Duffus, as I am also. Between you I have clarified a few points.

1. The wife of John Duffus the Elder was obviously Margaret Bissett., as you have the records from Banff, and also Mervyn gives the same name. I also have a note by "Susie" (? daughter of Thomas Duffus and Susannah Berryman) of "Robert" Duffus marrying (no date) "Miss Bissett" "and lived in Banff". Is it possible that 2 brothers married 2 sisters, and that is how the confusion arose?

2. Mervyn de Plater gives "Rebecca Berryman" as Thomas's wife. The other details agree with my records, except that he says "Rebecca's parents died of yellow fever before she was adopted by Alexander and Frances", whereas we have her name as "Susannah" and a note that her first adoptive parents died of yellow fever (The Gordons) in Jamaica, afer being off-loaded by the British warship. I have no note as to her real parents, and have wondered why no apparent attempt was made to return the child to them. Maybe the yellow fever had also claimed them, and that was why she was traveling under the care of Mr. & Mrs. Gordon?

3. I think she was probably "Susannah" as the notes compiled after the fire in Jamaica were written by "Susie", presumably the 2nd daughter (3rd child) of Susannah and Thomas Duffus, and no "Rebecca" appears in any of their descendants.

By the way, did I miss her off my list? You have not mentioned her name on your newsletter. Susannah, daughter of Thomas and Susannah Duffus was born "Sat. a.m. May 21st, 1808". I think this family must have been into astrology, as all the births give the day and whether a.m., p.m. or night.

I am impressed by the fecundity of the early forebears, tho' of course in those pre-pill, pre-TV days, as I once heard a farmer say, "What else is there to do in the long winter evenings?"

4. The badge - the one in your copy is the same as the one my Aunt Bessie has copied - it is different from the description of "2 savages, proper, armed with a baton" with the motto "Sans Peur" - I don't know where that description came from. In New Zealand at so many removes, we don't go in much for crests and badges and the proper description, so I hadn't noticed the discrepancy before. I see Mervyn de Plater's is different again. I don't know the difference between "Crest" "Badge", and AShield".


One other difference - in her letter June Duffus, widow of William Duffus, you have her saying she has "passed her 90th birthday" - this is either a typist's error, or else she was felling particularly old, as I was invited to her 80th birthday party on Sat. 20th March this year, 1999. And I know she is younger than I am - we were at Epsom Grammar School together, and June was 2 years behind me. We get old quickly enough, without adding on 10 years! I am 82 - will be 83 in the end of October.

My father's cousin, Mary McFarlane, grand-daughter of Elizabeth Paul Duffus, who married "Taylor" (I don't know his Christian name), and whose daughter Fanny married a McFarlane and had 2 children, Ken and Mary, - later inherited the "family" notes which later she let me copy. Also I have other notes from my Aunt Bessie and another cousin of Dad's Jack BurnMurdoch, (descended from Francis Maria, 3rd daughter of John and Marie). However, Mary had most, and when she died she passed all her records to her niece, who is now Robin Hooper. I asked Robin if I could give her name and address to both you and Mervyn, in case you want more information than I have. She agreed - her address is:

Mrs. Robin Hooper
11 Windmill Rd.
Auckland 3, New Zealand
Her phone no. (09) 630-6835

Her e-mail address r.hooper@clear.net.NZ

When I die, Robin will get my records also.

N.B. On your covering letter you refer to "seeing me at the reunion next year" - Alas!! I won't be going - too old. I has a slight stroke - 1997 & Tho' fully recovered, don't feel secure enough to venture far from my own home. Next time I am near a photo copier I shall take a few photos for you ( I haven't many) & also send you the incomplete journal my great-grand father's voyage from UK to Australia - 1838

Best Wishes,

Ruth Duffus

(Miss AR Duffus)

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Harold Connell fax and email

FAX To: David Duffus
From: Harold L. Connell
phone: (316) 683-5770
fax: (252) 551-3080
6205 E. 12th North
Wichita, KS 67208-2617

August 1, 1999

Subject: Family Tree of James Duffus of Brighton, Oyne Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Dear Mr. Duffus:

I have just finished downloading the above family tree from your Duffus web site. I am Harold Connell, listed as #82, a seventh generation. First let me give you a great deal of thank yous for your efforts in compiling this information. I find, however, that you have several of the facts listed erroneously. Frankly, I am surprised, since these error were related to you two or three years ago by my now deceased Aunt Pearl Duffus. I am providing you with the correct and current information and request that you update this family tree.

Number 16 listing, Arthur Lorrene 4 Duffus, was my maternal grandfather. To this union of Arthur and Ethel, 5 children were born, not just one, #35 Lester Raymond. The other four children are listed in error as children of Lester Raymond, when they should be children of Arthur. Numbers 60.,iii, 61. Iv., v., and vi. Are Arthur=s children, not Lester=s. These are Lester=s siblings. Consequently, #60, Lona Margaret is a 5th generation, not 6th. Lona was my mother. #61, Clarence Herbert is also a 5th generation as is v. Pearl and vi. Marie. Pearl and Marie were never married. Pearl died 10/26/1997, IOOF Cemetery, Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa.

Number 35, Lester is buried in IOOF Cemetery, Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa, not in Waterloo. Lester=s wife, Elsie U. Seigal died in 1998 (I don=t have the exact date at the moment, but I will provide you with it at a later time.) Elsie is also buried in Brooklyn as is Lona and Clarence.

Now to correct and update information relating to myself, #82. I, Harold Loraine, am a 6th generation, Lona is 5th and Lester Raymond should be removed from this line. I am married to Lynda Anne Igel, not Linda Anne Segal. Under children, it needs to show that Kipp Allen Connell was adopted and that he has changed his name to Senecah D. Blaisdale.

Number 86, Todd Connell needs corrections an updates. Todd is Generation 7, not 8. Harold is 6 and Lona is 5. Lester Raymond should be removed from this line. The children of Todd listed are step children. Their last name is not Connell, but Cooper. They are Lori=s children from a previous marriage. There are however, two more children to be listed which were born to Todd and Lori, Amanda Michelle Connell, born March 26, 1996 and her twin sister, Melissa Susanne Connell, born March 26, 1996.

Numbers 83 and 84, children of Clarence Herbert should be listed as 6th generation, not 7. Clarence is 5th, not 6th, and Lester Raymond should be removed from this line. Under Number 83, Jeffery Lawrence Hermann is the son of Janice, but not of William Price, He is the step sone of William. Jeffery and Esmeralda Heather (listed under number 84) are 7th generation, not 8.

Please acknowledge receipt of this fax.

My e-mail address is Hlconnell@aol.com


Harold L Connell


Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999
Subject: James Duffus of Brighton
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com
CC: BPrice0709@aol.com

Dear David:

I have just returned from my trip to Iowa. I was mistaken in stating that my Aunt Pearl had written to you. Indeed, it was my Aunt Marie. Aunt Marie and Aunt Pearl lived together, and I didn't remember which one you had been corresponding with. As I indicated in my fax, I would attempt to provide a more accurate date of death for Number 35 Lester Raymond Duffus' wife, Elsie. She died in March 1998. I still haven't got the exact day. Her death occurred in Kalispell, MT., where she lived at the time. I know now that you have Waterloo listed for Lester as the place of his death, not where he was buried. I also have some additional information concerning the children of Number 81 Justin Duffus and his wife Katherine Wheaton. In addition to Nathaniel Scott, two more children have been born. They are: Linea Ruth Duffus, b. April 1, 1997, Manassas, VA, and Kelli Elizabeth Duffus, b. July 8, 1999, Manassas, VA. I also have an update on a child of Number 5 William H. Duffus. v. LONA DUFFUS. Lona W. Duffus, b. December 19, 1891: d. March 30, 1910 and is buried in Ivy Hill Cemetery, Malcolm, Iowa. This next update is in the listing of children born to Number 4. Alexander Duffus and Margaret Conner. There were actually seven children born to this marriage, instead of only the six you currently have information on. Earle Duffus was born to his marriage on February 22, 1885 and died January 2, 1886. He is buried in Harmony Cemetery near Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa.

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Duffus Mole Trap

Subject: Duffus Trap
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 05:54:20 -0700
From: "Bernecker, Brian C" <Brian.Bernecker@PSS.Boeing.com>
To: "'davidduffus@greenvillenc.com'" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Could you please direct me to the producer of the "Duffus Mole Trap"? I am interested in purchasing them and perhaps reselling them.

Yours for success,

> ___( Brian C. Bernecker___(
> ------ ( Quality Engineering ------------------- ( Never mistake
> ---- ( Process Assembly 17-56 ---------------- ( motion for action!
> -- ( 931-2732 M/S 5K-02 ------------------- ( Ernest Hemmingway
A life of discipline and honest effort are the essential elements needed to bec


Dear Brian - here's the inventor Jack Duffus.

Sorry I don't have any mole traps available. If there is a Duffus out there with a mole trap, please contact me!

David Duffus

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Duffeses Invited Too!!!

Subject: Duffus 2000 reunion
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 15:22:42 -0400
From: Melissa Wargo <warmel@Woodruff-arts.org>
To: "'davidduffus@greenvillenc.com'" <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>

Dear Mr. Duffus,

Having spent the past hour on your website, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! I have been a DUFFES (do we count?) all my life, but it took a friend to tell me about Duffus.com on the Web. I will be moving to Scotland within the next two months to attend graduate school at the
University of Glasgow and, naturally, have become quite interested in the country. I was excited to read about Duffus Castle and Duffus village and certainly plan to visit while I am over there. I know very little about my family history right now, but I hope to rectify that soon! One question I must ask: the motto---"Butt sicker"----what DOES that mean?

Thank you again for a very informative website.


Melissa Duffes

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Gordon Duffus e-mail

Subject: this is cool
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 00:55:44 -0400
From: Gordon Douglas Duffus <gduffus@erols.com>
To: DAVID DUFFUS <davidduffus@greenvillenc.com>


Here's a photo of ME, my son Iain, my nephew Kevin & his wife Lisa.
Notice my jacket? It's a copy of Kenneth Sutherlands' jacket in the
Waitt painting.... I did not forward my last e-mail to your 'vacation' address.... it can
wait 'till you're back :-)

gordonduffus2.jpg (50728 bytes)

gordonduffus1.jpg (39918 bytes)


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 01:27:43 -0400
From: Gordon Douglas Duffus Reply-To: gduffus@erols.com
To: davidduffus
Subject: gathering 2000

Have you thought about coordinating the 2000 Gathering with the Lossiemouth Folk Festival? This year, I believe that it's on 18 July... I have no date as of yet for 2000. Although doing so might make accomadations a little harder to get, it might be a nice adjunct to our own 'thing'. Just a thought. Also, I would suggest that each 'family' attending, bring a national flag from their homes (with pole).... would make a great photo.... the flags flying from the castles' highest part (you put 'em up there). And... some international porta-potties might also be in order :-) As I suggested previously, we're gonna NEED at LEAST a piper at the castle on the first day of the gathering. Any thoughts of your own in this area? I have a mate who lives in Duffus Village (Charlie Walker) who is retired RAF. He might be able to glom onto a piper from the Air Base. Shall I contact him & ask? Are you thinking of a 'picnic-type' get together or just a 'show-up-as you-are' thing? Shall we order a keg from the Duffus Inn? I have to tell you that I am 'hyped' over the whole idea of this thing. You're a wizard! Although you weren't the first to have the idea, you certainly are the first to do something about the thought. It would have been great to have my brother Donald at the gathering but he had the bad taste to die prior to the announcement. His sons (& their wives & maybe their kids), & his wife will all be there. They go in his memory, I suppose. 'Tis a good thing. Two of Don's sons have been to Duffus.... his oldest comes next year for the first time.... maybe with a new wife. As for my oldest brother, Bobby (Robert), this will be his & his son Colins' first visit. Colin may be bringing "THE Beth'.... his girlfriend. A treat for all concerned. She's a riot! Cindy will be making her third visit to Scotland.... her first was on our honeymoon (akin to my nephew's wife, Pam II.... known as 'Pam II' because my oldest son married 'Pam I'....). This will be my oldest son's second trip & my youngest son's second trip.... different times for each... the first trip together. I like it! This will be my 6th time to Duffus. Our friends in Edinburgh had bad news for us. She has been diagnosed with MS.... so damned sad! Andrew (a Sgt. w/ Lothian & Borders Police) is very near to retirement. They had planned on travelling the world when he left The JOB. That's out now. We were planning a trip together to the Outer Hebrides.... guess that's off also. I don't know what to do for them. Sometimes she even forgets who he is.... how can I expect her to remember us? Anyway.... let me know what I can do to further the Gathering... I'm your man! Gordon


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Maria Duffus email

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 21:31:39 EDT
Subject: Duffus Reunion
To: davidduffus@greenvillenc.com 

Hi David, I wrote you a couple of months ago offering to help you with plans for the Duffus reunion next July. You emailed me your telephone number and asked me to give you a call. Unfortunately, I lost your number and was not able to call. We are so excited about the reunion and I would love to help you out! Please let me know if I can assist you in any way. I promise not to lose your number again! Also, I wanted to make sure you had a list of all in my family that are confirmed to attend: Roy Duffus (Cape Cod, MA) my father-in-law Joe Duffus (Montclair, VA) my husband Maria Duffus (Montclair, VA) Daniel Duffus (Montclair, VA) my son Mike Mulrain (Westborough, MA) my brother-in-law Carolyn Duffus Mulrain (Westborough, MA) my sister-in-law Katie Mulrain (Westborough, MA) my niece Melanie Mulrain (Westborough, MA) my niece Kerstin Schweizer (Locust Grove, VA) my mother We are all looking forward to the reunion!

Maria Schweizer Duffus

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Julie Duffus email

From: "The Commercial Law Practice"
Subject: DUFFUS 2000 REUNION
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999

I recently received a copy of your letter regarding the Duffus 2000 Reunion and I've also looked and the Duffus website which is all very interesting. I notice that there will not be a Ceilah anymore but still a gathering. Just to let you know my mother and father will be attending and maybe myself and brother. They are William John Duffus and Johanna Duffus from 1 Aquithie Lane, Kemnay. They do not have access to the website that is why I'm replying on their behalf. Please keep us posted Many Thanks Julie Duffus


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Sally Rea email

From: "Peter Rea"
To: Date: Thu, 27 May 1999

Dear David

Hi my name is Sally Rea. I am the great grand daughter of David Dick Duffus, the Grandaghter of David Stanley Duffus and the daughter of Susan Rea (nee Duffus). I just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you what a great idea this reunion is. Jim told me about it when was on the phone to him ( I occaisionally phone him for help with my chemistry homework). I am trying to get him some names and addresses for people who no longer have the surname Duffus, but are still a members of our clan! I am 15 years old and llive in North Yorkshire. At present I am in my first year of GCSEs (very boring). I enjoy riding, and have a horse of my own, and if I could work the scanner I would send you a photo. I can't really think of what to say next-it's weird trying to describe yourself to a very distant relative who up till now never knew you existed. If you get time I would love to hear from you sometime (soon if possible because I need to know I sucessfully worked the E-mail). Best of luck with the reunion.

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Change of Address for Barry and Arlene Duffus of Nambucca Heads Australia

<001101bedc0f$9cc30800$c1cc23cb@default>From: "teddyb"
To: "David Duffus"
Subject: Change Of Email Address!!!!!
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999

Hello David Just a very quick email to let you know I have a change = of email=20 address as i have changed providers please note this for further = email to pass on to Barry & Arlene Duffus ..... I hope you and your = Family are well and healthy hope to hear from you soon if you have a = chance please reply to me email so I know you received this okay bye = now take care=20 Maggie

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Darren Reed email re his mother, Sarah Reynolds Duffus of South Africa

From: "Reed, Darren"
To: "'davidduffus@greenvillenc.com'"
Subject: Overwhelmed
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999

Dear David,

Just a quick note to tell you how overwhelmed my mother was to receive your Duffus related correspondence. My nana (Selina Duffus) to whom the correspondence was sent to in Brakpan , South Africa passed away just over a year ago.My mother, born (Sarah Reynolds Duffus) has been trying to contact you , regarding the Duffus reunion . She has been having a few problems with her email. As soon as she is back on line she will be sure to contact you. It meant an awful lot to me not to mention bringing tears to my mothers eyes. Thank you for bringing to light the name we carry so close to our hearts. Yours Sincerely Darren Morton Reed Compaq Business Operations Tel : 0181 332-3539 Fax : 0181 332-3364 E mail : darren.reed@compaq.com


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