tartans which can by worn by Duffuses


Kenneth - 3rd Lord Duffus - Standard Tartan -------Kenneth - 3rd Lord Duffus - Ancient Tartan

Kenneth - 3rd Lord Duffus - Muted Tartan ----Kenneth - 3rd Lord Duffus - Repro Tartan

Sutherland Tartan - Standard-----------------------Sutherland Tartan - Ancient

Sutherland Tartan - Modern ------------------------Sutherland Tartan - Muted

Sutherland Tartan - Reproduction

Ancient colours are distinct from 'modern' colours by being less saturated in tone and lighter in shade. The term 'modern' refers to the analine dyes introduced c.1860 which produced darker greens and blues and a richer reds and yellows. The term 'ancient' should not be confused with the age of the design.

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