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Harry Duffus e-mail

29 Kinbrae Pk Gardens
Newport-on-Tay, Fife DD6 8JX
14 July '98

Dear David,

Thanks for the return of the Royal Scottish Tree - if you do a print out
can I have a copy?

The other information was interesting. Do you remember me telling you
that my father had a brother who was jilted and went to off Australia
and never wrote again & was "lost" somewhere in the gold fields.

Years ago some friends in Australia sent a page of Cricket News, the
Arthur Louis Duffus asking if he was related to me. I remember the photo
of Louis in the paper was my father's double. I wrote sending a passport of my dad saying "there was surely a connection." I got a letter back - saying in a few words there was no connection. I felt I got the brush off. That was over 20 years ago and here I see in your "Duffus Authors" the very chap I wrote to Louis George Duffus of Australia. So by any chance did you get his family tree, for it may prove or disprove whether he was a son or grandson of my missing relative Tom.

George has just been made the chairman of a new "Discovery Radio
Station" in Dundee. It will be open in about six months. His daughter Lynne is now a radio presenter with Classic FM in the London area.

Alan's motorcycle business is still doing well - only the Glascow shop,
dragging its feet.

I go for a "water works" scan on the 21st - so fingers crossed for me.

No word yet of having my cataracts removed - (I need a rebush and a
rebore) only kidding.



P.S. Hope to see you in October but remember I'm still on holiday 10 -
24th Oct.

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