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From: Graeme F. Duffus Subject: William Duffus - Halifax

David & Victoria,

We have enjoyed your latest Sunday Evening News, and Victoria's pleasure in meeting lost relatives and experiencing new places. I have been digging through old Family papers and just recently found another version of a Family Tree which my father Allan Duffus had overlooked, which identified the parents of our William Duffus who came to Nova Scotia in 1784.

Up to now, we had no proof of his parentage, all we had was a date of birth in August 1762 in Banff. In 1966, my father had had the Scots Ancestry Research Society look for William Duffus and they only found two: William son of John Duffus & Margaret Gall born in Blairshinnoch in 1757 and William son of William Duffas (sic) and Margaret Gordon in Findon in Feb. 1762. Neither matched perfectly and he got no further. In this recent discovery we have confirmation from the 1859 Family Tree of the parents of William Duffus as William Duffus & M. Gordon. As further proof, we have a sister of William, Elspet born in 1765 from the SARS and family references to a sister of William by the name of Elspeth! Now in this 1859 Tree, of John Wiseman Duffus, we see his maternal Great Grandmother is Elspeth Duffus who has the same parents as William (1762) hence they were brother & sister. Notwithstanding a little in-breeding, this is quite exiting to me. Now I want to know exactly where Findon is, (I believe it is around Aberdeen in Banffshire), and whether there are any Duffuses still there. William Duffus (1762), also would have had an older brother John born 22 Nov. 1757 in Findon and two other sisters Mary and Agnes 1759 & 1764 respec. If Victoria hasn't gone home yet perhaps you might be able to find something out, or perhaps other Duffuses on the list might find a connection. Naturally it would be great to find a long lost relative. Thanks for any help you may be able to render. I am enjoying your new format News and although I have the page up on Netscape, I still haven't got the pictures figured out. We think we will soon. I have more information on James Duffus Re: Baddeck NS, should I fax it or mail? Best Wishes Graeme G.F. Duffus & Company Ltd. 5203 Green St. Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 1N6 Tel 1-902-420-1851.

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