Dear David and Gordon,

Thank you for your recent e-mails. We are very interested in any information you may have and at present, we are speaking to some family members who are trying to get together some Duffus information for us so that we may pass it on to you. My husband's father, Alexander Duffus was born in Canada but his father, William Duffus, and his mother, Mary Gray, were both born in Scotland, and were from the Huntly area. We do not have a Duffus family tree at the moment but we do have the Gray to Duffus family tree. This tree goes back to the year 1138 starting with the Laird of Gordon (Berwickshire). If you are interested we could forward you both a copy.

My father-in-law is now deceased but he was always interested in the Duffus heritage (the standing joke in our family was that he was probably the missing Lord). We have a book of Scotland castles, which of course includes the Duffus castle. Also, we have snapshots of the Duffus castle and Duffus postoffice, which were two sights that my parent-in-laws visited when they were last in Scotland. My husband's father's sister is going to get in touch with some relatives in Huntly to try to get some information for us.

My husband and I have two children, Kelly Erin Duffus and Lisa Alexandra Duffus. My maiden name is Graham and my grandparents were from Glasgow, Scotland.

Our mailing address is 94 Highcroft Road, Toronto, Ontario  M4L 3G5 and we would appreciate receiving any information you may wish to forward to us.

Again, it was nice hearing from you and thank you for the information you have already passed on.

I will definitely be starting a scrapbook for our daughters with the information we have and will receive.

Gail Duffus  

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