Presenting the history and culture of the Celts, people whose culture has influenced European history over 3000 years. Available in English and Welsh.

Ancient Ireland 
Archive for the dissemination of the history of Ireland's Celtic heritage.

Encyclopedia of the Celts 
Searchable encyclopedia of Celtic literature including the legends, mythology, tales and history. It also provides alternate spellings of words and names and pronunciation notes.

Information on the Isle of Iona, site of the monastery founded by St. Columba in 563. Community & travel information, books, news, articles & links to related sites.

St. Dubricius Celtic Studies & Celtic Christianity 
Articles on topics from Welsh poetry to King Arthur, from Celtic saints & hymns to Celtic culture. Links to other Celtic sites.

Stuart's Celtic Christianity Page 
A directory to information on Celtic Christianity, including Web sites, mailing lists, saints, liturgies, booklist and news.

Celtic Deities and Myth 
Lists the Deities of Gaul, Wales and Ireland.

Celtic Studies Resources 
Offers reading lists, FAQs, and Web resources on Celtic topics with information geared more towards the novice. Books available for purchase through Amazon.com.

Celtic Virtual Village 
Celtic Cultural Center, Celtic Association Union, Celtic Christian Research Center, Celtic Language Heritage Institute, village pubs, virtual library & museum.

Sacred Fire 
A celebration of ancient Celtic history and lore.


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