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map1.JPG (128469 bytes)
Scotland under Robert the Bruce - 1314


map2.JPG (32938 bytes)
Old Moray


Map7.JPG (78082 bytes)
Map of Moray and Nairn Shires


1870ordinance.JPG (303271 bytes)
1870 Ordinance map


1982ordinance.JPG (201072 bytes)
1982 Ordinance map


Map of Duffus(303271 bytes)
Duffus and surrounding area - today


Scottish_Church_Parrishes.JPG (326606 bytes)
Scottish church parishes and dates
of existing records

1783 map of Loch Spynie


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Aa richts is pitten by. Nae pairt o this darg shuid be doobelt, hained in onie kin o
seestem, or furthset in onie kythin or bi onie gate whitsomeiver, athoot haein leave
frae the writer afore-haund. 

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